Michele Zambrana: Single Mom of Three Finds Financial Freedom


PUBLISHED: June 28, 2023
Michele Zambrana

Michele Zambrana is a single mom who was involved in the recreation and fitness industry for more than two decades. However, Zambrana felt the need to learn more, and decided to go back to school to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse. Upon graduation, she realized it wasn’t what she was looking for and sought something different.

Zambrana was facing a struggle that many single mothers may be all too familiar with: being the sole provider while working long hours to make ends meet. This left her feeling frustrated, like something was missing. What she really wanted was to have more time and freedom, but without knowing how to achieve her goal, her struggle continued. However, everything changed when she began working for Northestar, a health supplement company powered by its exclusive nootropic cognitive technology—thermobutyrate supplement formulations designed for both men and women.

Northestar enabled Zambrana to make income from home, be with her family more and get her time back. Her desire to help people became deeply fulfilling when she saw how much of an impact she was making in others’ lives. It made her realize her purpose was more than just earning money; it was also about positively influencing people and working toward bettering the world.

She had found her “why,” which was, simply put, “to make a difference in the world.” Through this realization, she is determined to ignite positive change around her by reaching out to single parents and struggling families to give them the same opportunity that changed her life.

Zambrana has set a goal to achieve complete financial freedom in the next three to five years, and has found that Northestar is the perfect place to make her dream become reality. Although achieving complete financial freedom takes hard work and dedication, she’s up for the challenge.

By leveraging Northestar’s resources, Zambrana will be able to help many more people than she ever thought possible. She hopes the company serves as a beacon of hope for everyone seeking a sense of belonging and self-development. She’s excited at the prospect of giving back and wants others to join her on this journey towards complete freedom.

When talking to new entrepreneurs, Zambrana’s advice is to remember what it takes to turn a dream into reality. It is no small feat, but with the right tools and attitude, great things are achievable. Adopting a positive attitude, consistency and persistence is the key to creating lasting success.

Taking the time to regularly share your company’s products and offerings across platforms shows dedication and commitment while also spreading brand awareness. In addition, pouring into yourself and your team with feedback and collaboration may help to motivate everyone and improve your performance.

Follow Zambrana’s advice: Do your best, follow your heart and work for what you want. You can create whatever future it is that you desire!

Zambrana would also like to recognize her support system for their encouragement: “My fiancé Rick, my kids Jessica, Christian and Amanda, as well as the Stellar Rockstars Team. The support of this incredible team has allowed me to achieve my goals and so much more!”

If you’d like to connect with Zambrana, follow her on Instagram.

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