Meet Your Biggest Goals With the Power of Uncertainty

UPDATED: April 18, 2020
PUBLISHED: October 22, 2017

When Scooter Braun first saw Justin Bieber on YouTube, he knew he could make him larger than life. As a talent manager, Braun says Bieber had the potential to fill a void in the entertainment world that hadn’t been occupied since the young Michael Jackson made adults believe in love again. It was a gut feeling so strong that he became obsessed with making it come true.

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The beyond scary, jaw-dropping goals are usually what leads us to do extraordinary things, Braun says. So oddly enough, a bit of unreasonableness can make you successful. He says following the status quo will point you toward what has always been, but forging your own path will point you toward what could be.

“The main thing that made me kind of think that my gut was right, was because I didn’t care if it was wrong… If you live your life by data completely, then you’ll only do the reasonable thing.” —Scooter Braun

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