Marina Simone: A ‘Mumpreneur’ Empowering Mothers through Moms and Heels


PUBLISHED: January 27, 2024
Marina Simone

When reflecting on the narrative behind her venture Moms and Heels, founder and CEO Marina Simone recalls the resilience of her single mother, who went into labor while wearing pink fluffy high heels. Passionate about network marketing and aiding others in building online businesses, Simone aims to empower moms to excel at online sales through Moms and Heels—a platform that focuses on both posture and confidence and addresses the multifaceted challenges of motherhood.

The entrepreneur, or “mumpreneur,” as she calls herself, says the brand resonates with her audience deeply. For Simone, Mom and Heels is more than just a business; it’s a medium for individuals to uncover their narratives, craft their personal brands and embrace a mission through the power of social media. She has seen her followers actively engage with the platform by sending her high heels, which she considers a tangible symbol of their connection and empowerment.

Simone considers her path to becoming a “mumpreneur” to be a delightful mix of humor and authenticity. She emphasizes continuous growth, the ability to pivot through mistakes and a steadfast commitment to navigating life’s messy aspects. Inspired by her own mother’s tenacity, the founder confesses to having an “allergic reaction to authority,” propelling her toward the world of entrepreneurship.

Recently, Simone launched The Five Day Drop—a program meant to promote a healthy lifestyle through nutritional support products, a meal plan and a guide to follow for five days. She says this latest venture of hers breaks away from conventional models by highlighting personal development and growth and claims it has gained more than 200,000 participants within six months.

Simone is grateful for her creativity and ability to think innovatively—two qualities she credits as essential for her path to success. The founder’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to focus on consistency and service rather than rapid growth. She champions a problem-solving mindset and a disciplined approach over time, aiming to inspire others to embrace imperfections and enjoy their entrepreneurial journey.

Simone’s plans for the future extend beyond personal growth. She envisions mothers connected to Moms and Heels transitioning from “cubicles to thrones,” reaching significant milestones with a “million-dollar mindset” and collectively achieving $1 billion in sales every month.

Besides her professional pursuits, Simone says there has been a shift in her focus, prompted by a calling she feels to address mental health and trauma. She openly shares her struggles with bipolar disorder and past trauma and attributes much of her grounding to her mentor Natasha Graziano. Simone appreciates what she describes as Graziano’s unique ability to connect deeply and guide her toward authentic self-expression.

The founder dreams of one day establishing a women’s center for survivors of domestic violence and addiction, envisioning it as a space where they can “turn their mess into a message” and become “mumpreneurs” like herself. Her goal is to encourage these women to believe they can rewrite their own stories.

Simone feels her story serves as a beacon of inspiration to others. She sees the true essence of entrepreneurship as serving and uplifting others, embracing imperfections, getting messy and maintaining a sense of fun throughout the process. According to Simone, this approach leads to a journey that transcends mere business success, creating a meaningful impact in the lives of others.

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