Make Every Morning a Good Morning

UPDATED: September 22, 2014
PUBLISHED: September 22, 2014

The alarm clock buzzes for the third time, and all you can do is groan. After an hour and a gallon of coffee, you’re finally up, but is that really how you want to start your day? Here are four surefire ways to get you going bright and early, as soon as the rooster crows.

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1. Keep your alarm across the room.

If the snooze button is next to your pillow, you’re likely to swat at it until the alarm stops. Instead, force yourself to get out of bed.

2. See the light.

For a good night’s rest, there can’t be any distractions—no TV, no iPad. You want absolute darkness. But when you wake up, you want the complete opposite. Open the blinds!

3. Start with a shower.

This releases the neurochemical dopamine into your brain, putting you in a happier, more relaxed state.

4. Find a passion.

Remember what it was like being a kid on a Saturday morning? You couldn’t wait to jump out of bed and watch cartoons. Find projects and goals that you’re equally passionate about today, so you wake up with exuberance.

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Isaiah Hankel, founder and CEO of Cheeky Scientist, helps people with Ph.D.s transition into meaningful, high-paying industry careers. Isaiah is also a Ph.D. and an internationally recognized Global 500 consultant.