Nicole Kernohan, COO of Elevated Worldwide, Shares the Three Keys to Building Your Self Image


PUBLISHED: September 26, 2022
Life Coach Nicole Kernohan Shares 3 Keys to Building Your Self Image

Self image, how we see ourselves, can greatly influence our life journey, from how we interact with others to how we run our businesses. Although making a positive self image is necessary for success and fulfillment, fostering a positive self image can be difficult. Sometimes, we let negative thoughts take control. How can you eliminate that negative inner voice and build your self image? Celebrated life and business coach Nicole Kernohan shares three keys to building your self image.

Kernohan is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and multiple sclerosis warrior. She is also the COO of Elevated Worldwide, where she helps others shift the deep subconscious programming that controls 93–97% of their actions and results.

In 2003, Kernohan was paralyzed on one side of her body after an MS episode, which inspired her to start her coaching journey. Kernohan fully recovered within two months and has naturally and effectively managed her MS for more than 20 years. Using her experience to help others, she partnered with Tony Child to assist others in unlocking their full potential by eliminating limiting beliefs. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Kernohan and Childs have received various accolades. Kernohan was recently listed by Forbes as one of the top entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2022.

Here, Kernohan explains her 3 keys to building a positive self image.

Guard your self talk

According to Kernohan, the biggest obstacle in reaching your goals is what you whisper to yourself when no one else is around. She explains that most people have the idea that they are not enough or don’t have the power to achieve a specific goal, stemming from an underlying, deep-rooted belief that there isn’t enough time, money, love or any other resource deemed necessary.

On the contrary, there is enough, and you are also good enough. You just need to let go of the negative mentality, Kernohan says, and shift the lens through which you view the world and yourself from ‘not enough’ to ‘enough.’

Move beyond the limiting beliefs

Growing up, you are taught that things should be done a certain way and what you can or can’t do as a man or a woman. These beliefs are passed down from generation to generation, which makes them not so reliable as the world is evolving, Kernohan adds.

While you may not know it, some beliefs inhibit you from building a strong self image. Kernohan recommends regularly analyzing your beliefs depending on the person you want to be at the time. You can use questions and intentional words like, “Is it really true that I don’t have enough time,” or, “Maybe it’s because I am scared of failing?”

Foster healthy habits

It might take time to change how you see yourself, especially if the image you have is something that has been ingrained in your mind for a long time, Kernohan says. She explains that one of the best ways to build a positive image is to develop healthy habits, such as words of affirmation and a daily gratitude practice. Kernohan also notes the need to be patient with yourself.

“If you miss a day or a few days in your new habit,” Kernohan says, “realize you do not need a unanimous vote to win an election; you only need the majority!”

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