Let’s talk money.

Milun Tesovic and Sandra Bienkowski (Photo by Julie Denesha)

Money and time. The two topics most people avoid are the ones we’re tackling head-on in our February issue. Most of us struggle with time and money at some point, whether it’s learning to manage our schedules, setting up a plan for retirement or just trying to get out of debt.

We at SUCCESS magazine believe one of the best ways to take control of your time and money is to start your own business. And so do the folks at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. The competition, a program of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, honors individuals who run a business while enrolled in a college or university. Our columns editor, Sandra Bienkowski, went on location to the GSEA finals and met some of the greatest young entrepreneurial minds in the world, including the winner from Vancouver, British Columbia.

“The winner, Milun Tesovic, is only 24, and is already fielding offers from heavy hitters to buy his company, MetroLyrics.com,” Sandra says. “Anyone who watches the awards and sees these college students who are already running their own successful businesses can’t help but be inspired and motivated to do more and be more.”

For our cover story, we sat down with author and radio host Dave Ramsey and got the story of how he went from being bankrupt to becoming a master of money. His simple formula for financial security and prosperity will inspire you to start small for big results.

And to help you master your time, we boiled it all down to the numbers in our “Time Is Money” feature, giving you formulas for determining how much your time is worth and what you should or shouldn’t be spending it on.

Plus, we’re excited to present exclusive interviews with Emmy-winning Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan and legendary personal-development coach Denis Waitley, who stopped by our offices for a visit and shared some Olympic memories and rare photos from his youth and early days in the U.S. Navy. Thanks again, Denis!

We also had a fantastic planning session with leadership expert Robin Sharma, who sat down with our editorial team and brainstormed what is to be a life-changing blog series that kicks off in April. Keep an eye out for the link to sign up!

So we hope you’ll spend some of your precious time with us this month. As always, we have invested a little of ourselves in each page of SUCCESS.

Deborah K. Heisz
Editor in Chief
SUCCESS Magazine


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