Jere Metcalf Repositions the Focus of Performance Coaching in Real Estate


PUBLISHED: July 11, 2023
Jere Metcalf, real estate coach

“It’s the misunderstanding of this business, relationships and the real estate industry at large that is the issue behind coaching,” says Jere Metcalf, performance coach to ONE Sotheby’s and many of the top real estate brokers and teams in the country, when addressing her industry’s growing problem with unreliable guidance.

Whether at the hands of the brokerage itself or from the new wave of unregulated life coaches whose ads seem to overrun YouTube, agents seeking success may be given superficial, quick-fix solutions, such as “be nice to every client” or “chase every deal relentlessly.”

As a result, the coaching industry, which has grown at the rate of “3.7% per year on average between 2017 and 2022,” according to IBISWorld, may be steering people—who are often already in do-or-die situations that triggered their search for coaching in the first place—down dead-end paths cloaked as must-have solutions.

“You cannot have empathy for the people you work with nor create results and, at the same time, prescribe a surfaced solution. On the same note, there are agents who can accomplish goals quickly when they gain clarity regarding how to maximize their potential, navigate the market and see the opportunities ‘right under their nose.’ Those opportunities compound with the ones they create,” Metcalf elaborates. For real estate agents especially, key insight as to what one’s own personal superpower is, as well as how to apply it to the client’s end needs, is the start of a sustainable framework for success, according to Metcalf’s philosophy.

Rusty Hanna, an agent with ONE Sotheby’s International Realty, a top 3 producer for new associates company-wide and a client of Metcalf’s Breakthrough Luxury platform, shares that when he initially worked with Metcalf, it was because his brokerage recommended it. “I thought, Why not try it. I had engaged in coaching over the years, none of which truly resonated with me. Jere was different,” he says. “From the initial conversation, I knew Jere was someone who understood the true nuances of performing at a high level in the luxury space. With Jere, I’ve found a partner with whom I’ve been able to identify layers of opportunities untapped and the action steps in which to actualize them.”

Metcalf’s clients share stories that cover a variety of issues and opportunities that luxury agents face every day, including navigating difficult client conversations into otherwise missed opportunities, finding creative solutions, getting to the real core of all issues and opportunities and developing a solid foundation for growing your business.

At Breakthrough Luxury, Metcalf offers an alternative to others’ solutions, starting with a process that reveals what’s driving business now and giving agents clarity on the changes that need to be made to build a strong foundation for themselves and their business goals. Upon setting this foundation, Metcalf’s program provides steps that include creating and implementing a blueprint to customize action steps that secure the business of their ideal clientele.

As her thoughtful approach gains recognition through her coaching, Breakthrough Luxury and her podcast, the Jere Metcalf Podcast (a.k.a. Top Real Estate Agents Tell How They Do It), she hopes it ignites a spark of change within the online coaching industry.

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