JC Hite: Business, Service and Unbreakable Leadership


PUBLISHED: November 3, 2022

For many businesses, leadership is the foundation for success and growth. Leaders influence business outcomes such as customer satisfaction, productivity and turnover. Reaching goals and improving performance comes from effective and purpose-driven leadership. According to entrepreneur JC Hite, family, faith, opportunity and unbreakable leadership is key to building teams, an amazing culture and tactical steps to scalability.

Hite is the founder of Hite and The Digital Agency Hacker Mastermind Community. He applies his approach to digital marketing and helps marketing agencies scale. First, Hite introduces the three building blocks that form the foundation of great leadership; people awareness, self-awareness and culture dynamics. Then, he uses this medium to help clients improve their services and increase sales. His experience in the digital space puts him steps ahead of the pack.

Hite is an entrepreneur, innovative leader and digital marketing expert with a business degree from Harding University. He has worked in the service industry, specifically digital marketing, for 10 years helping small businesses and marketing agencies gain market traction. After exiting one of the fastest-growing PPC agencies in the US, his experience in the company spurred him to establish his marketing agency.

Within just four years, JC Hite, founder, and CEO of Hite Digital has become a household name in the marketing space not only as one of the fastest-growing agencies but also one of the first to franchise the model allowing for a more stable way for agencies to grow and serve their clients.

Originally, Hite started as a white-label fulfillment organization, but it soon expanded into a franchise model. It also has digital marketing courses (The Digital Agency Hacker Community) specifically crafted to help marketers better understand digital marketing and the intricacies of developing strategies that fit business goals. Hite Digital is one of the first agencies to franchise digital marketing.

Along with his agency, Hite also has an education division called Digital Agency Hacker, which focuses on helping marketing agencies serve their clients better. Hite is utilizing his skills as a dynamic speaker to assist agencies in building a great work environment and teams that understand and support their goals. 

Hite says their commitment is to create at least 1,000 jobs that empower people to be fulfilled. They pursue this ambition intensely to help both marketers and small businesses. Besides helping marketing agencies scale, Hite Digital is helping small business owners increase sales by ensuring they attract the right eyeballs. They offer various digital marketing strategies, including SEO, Facebook ads, web design, pay-per-clicks and branding.

Hite’s unique digital marketing approach has helped it establish a spot in the space. Within three years, Hite Digital has positioned itself as one of the fastest-growing agencies in the U.S. This success can also be linked to Hite’s great leadership style. As a result, Hite Digital has a less-than-6% turnover in an industry that averages about 20%.

Hite has been featured in several publications discussing digital marketing and unbreakable leadership. In addition, he has spoken at numerous events. He is also an author and a Forbes Council member. As Hite grows his brand, he says his goal is to help more people understand digital marketing and how they can leverage social media to grow their business.

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