It’s Not Enough to Be Alive – It’s Time to Thrive!

What is health? Do you know and understand it only by its opposite—sickness? How do you really know if you have a healthy business and a healthy life? How do you achieve this health?

Those answers, plus an exclusive audio interview clip with Dr. Mehmet Oz, below.

  • Dr. Oz reveals the formula for measuring your healthy waist size
  • Time management tips from the doctor, businessman, author, and radio & TV host

[Excerpt from Publisher’s Letter, SUCCESS, October 2008]

This issue of SUCCESS focuses on what it takes to create a healthy business and healthy life. The assessment of health is a measure well beyond the standards used by your doctor or CPA. A doctor might diagnose your health through your vital signs of body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. Your CPA might evaluate your business through profit, loss, margin and cash flow. While those stats are critical and need to be monitored regularly, they will tell only if you are alive, not truly healthy.

To be deemed “healthy” is to have vitality—that intangible force that can’t be measured on a scale or balance sheet. Vitality is the energy and vigor that stimulates our creative capacity and is the fuel for our productive engines. Vitality delivers that unique and undeniable competitive advantage that propels organizations to achieve seemingly impossible triumphs and incites individuals to create extraordinary lives.

How do you measure the vitality of your business or your life?

I believe if you want to diagnose the health, the vitality and the future viability of a company, assess the attitudes, emotions and feelings of its people. Companies claim the most important people to their business are their customers. I believe great customer service is a symptom, an outcome; the cause starts with the current attitude and emotional vitality of the people delivering the customer service.

If you want to assess the health and potential of Google, Wal-Mart or Starbucks, glance at their balance sheets to see where they are, but find out how their people feel to figure out where they are going. This is true for you and your business, as well. If your people are overstressed, anxious or dissatisfied, that infection will propagate into a disease that can put your business into a permanent coma, if not kill it outright.

Look to your people and your relationships, to assess the health of your life. Are they vital? Do they give you energy or take it away? Are you a source of joy and inspiration or do you bring tension and angst to people? In the end, life is about the relationships we share with each other—they make life meaningful. You will know if you have a healthy life if your relationships are vital, uplifting and joyous.

Within these pages, you will find many experts, ideas and resources to support the building of a healthy business and life. We hope you find them vitalizing.

Cheers—to your health!

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Listen to this exclusive excerpt taken from the private interview (on the CD side of October 2008 DualDisc in SUCCESS) between Darren Hardy and Dr. Mehmet Oz.



Darren Hardy is the former publisher of SUCCESS magazine, an entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author of The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever: A Proven Formula for Achieving Big Goals.

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