How to Turn Pain into Purpose According to Teneshia Jackson Warner

You have to also know when to surrender and say, hey, I’ve done everything I can do, and at this point, I’m simply going to trust God, trust the process, that it’s all going to work out for my greater good.”

CEO of EGAMI Group andauthor of “The Big Stretch,” Teneshia Jackson Warner, knows how to turn pain into purpose. As both a dreamer and leader, she has learned to channel success through embracing the pivots within uncertainty. In this video, Teneshia walks you through the steps of learning how to leverage the pain in your life and teaches you how to turn your failures into your greatest teachers.

Start with these three questions:

  • What was your experience as it relates to this mistake?
  • What lessons did you learn?
  • How can you reapply the lessons future forward to get a different result?

Photo courtesy of Teneshia Jackson Warner

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