How to Pave the Way for Opportunity

UPDATED: May 7, 2019
PUBLISHED: April 29, 2019
How to Pave the Way for Opportunity

A key to a happy, successful life is making a conscious choice to live in the “the now.” The only time that matters is the present moment. It is the only place where you can live and learn. The present is where you can make a difference. It is where you can truly express yourself and experience boundless opportunity.

The fortunate among us know this in a profound way. And they live their lives accordingly. They participate knowing there’s a chance they can fall and lose it all. They’re willing to play the “game of life,” aware that defeat is a possibility, but they choose to focus on a victorious outcome. They’re anxious to attend the “school of life,” knowing that they will be subjected to difficulties, challenges, loss and tragedy, but as long as they learn the lessons, they will prevail and opportunity will flourish. In short, they know that there are no guarantees… only choices. The right to choose one’s own way. And that choice happens every second of every day.

I know I’ll never know what favor or misfortune life has in store for me and I’m not supposed to know. But I will never know what I’m made of if I don’t participate in every moment with courage, patience, positive thinking and an optimistic attitude. All of these pave the way for opportunity.

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I believe opportunities come as seed possibilities that in time will gradually grow into the desire you want to manifest. The seed, however, will not grow without the proper care and nourishment it needs in order for it to take root and blossom into its full potential. That’s your job and responsibility.

If you are creating a business plan, or writing out your goals, or really anything at all that needs to be accomplished during the day, it is up to you to first cultivate your state of consciousness, which is your “garden,” with positive thoughts, words and the right attitude so the seed possibility for opportunity can take root.

Then once the seed is planted, it is essential to continue to nourish the seed possibility with a steady flow of nutrients from the streams of faith, the right attitude and a continuous constructive way of thinking.

It’s important to remember that seed possibilities for opportunity can come in many guises. They can come in the form of a book, an inspiring movie, lyrics to a song, an advertisement, a dream, an idea that hits you as you’re exercising, walking your dog, driving your car, having a conversation with a total stranger, shopping or taking a shower—anything that will inspire you to take action. You have to be open to it in any moment, not just when you’ve decided it’s appropriate.

People often wonder why opportunity doesn’t come their way. I believe opportunity comes into our lives more often than we think, but it’s our own negative inertia that keeps us from acknowledging it.

Acknowledging every moment as an opportunity to transmit and receive is your choice and your responsibility. I mean, sometimes opportunity is right in front of you screaming, “Hey pal, I’m right here in front of you! Take advantage of me! This is what you asked for. Come on, wake up and acknowledge me! I’m not going to be here all day!’”

Understand this: It’s impossible for anyone to acknowledge opportunity if they can’t see it. And the reason they can’t see it is because of their attitude. They lack faith. They’re on a rampage of negative thinking. They’re consumed with anger, fear, jealousy, guilt or a combination of other negative emotions. All negative emotions, are destroyers of the spirit. They keep the light from a truer, higher part of yourself from shining.

In other words, if you’re not in the right state of consciousness, opportunity lays dormant in the darkness, and in a short period of time, it will simply fade away. Its purpose is lost.

It’s crucial that we come to the understanding that we are the creators of our lives. We are in more control of our destiny than we think.

We must remember that every moment is an opportunity to invoke the Universal Law. Simply stated, you attract to your life anything you give your thoughts, energy, focus and attention to—whether you want it in your life or don’t want it in your life. What you think about and say out loud is what you create.

As long as you keep thinking in limiting ways that define and reinforce the “impossible you,” you will never be able to experience the opportunities that are in store for you.

Your responsibility to yourself, as well as to the Universal Law, is to make sure you are inwardly poised and to keep your thoughts positive and loving, in spite of the injustice or chaos around you. That’s what faith is all about.

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