How to Know If You’re a High Performer

In this inspiring talk, Brendon Burchard reveals all the indicators of high performance, straight from the minds of successful people. He shares their testimonials, sincere descriptions colored by words like “full engagement,” “joy” and “confidence” to show that achievement has an emotional tie. When you’re in a rhythm of high performance, you’ll not only know it?you’ll also feel it.

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Over a two-year period, Burchard gathered the largest set of data ever collected on high performers. From the thousands of people observed, the most successful of the bunch had a few things in common: They were less stressed, more confident and worked passionately without incentive. They were master adapters that felt appreciated in the careers, ultimately living happy, healthier lives.

“In other words, a lot of these people you might not initially like. Because you think, ‘You’re so lucky’… These people are extraordinary but not by accident and not by birthright—by habits.” ?Brendon Burchard

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Running time: 25:07

Filmed April 2017 at SUCCESS Live in Dallas

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