How iMoving CEO Meyr Aviv Aims to Revolutionize the Relocation Process


PUBLISHED: January 24, 2024
iMoving team

iMoving is aiming to reshape the fast-paced world of moving with its commitment to transparency, reliability and user convenience. Led by founder and CEO Meyr Aviv, the platform is meant to revolutionize the moving experience.

Aviv says he founded iMoving as a direct response to the “wild west” practices happening within the moving industry. According to the CEO, moving companies had a reputation for hidden price hikes, irresponsible employees and undisclosed fees. Seeing countless people complain about delays and missing items when utilizing moving services, he felt someone needed to step up and disrupt the industry.

Aviv set out to ensure iMoving has experts who understand the challenges that individuals face during the relocation process. He says his team consists of industry veterans with over 20 years of experience in moving. Their combined expertise helps to make the platform a technological solution and trusted partner, addressing the multitude of issues people might encounter with other moving companies—such as unexpected price hikes, subpar service and a lack of transparency.

Aviv says, thanks to a thorough vetting process, the movers at iMoving are reliable professionals who are meticulously screened, handpicked, licensed and fully insured. He adds that requirements for movers include being authenticated with the Department of Transportation or their local state government and holding a certificate of insurance.

In another effort by Aviv to make iMoving stand out among untrustworthy moving companies, the platform’s commitment to transparency extends to its pricing. The CEO says quotes from his company are fixed and payments are protected, offering users a full money-back guarantee in the event of unforeseen issues. He adds that iMoving also goes the extra mile by providing protective materials for fragile items at no extra cost, making sure the safety of all items—including furniture, electronics, lamps, mirrors, paintings and glass items—are carefully and professionally packed by movers.

Something else Aviv considers a key differentiator in creating iMoving is its online booking process—one he describes as revolutionary. The CEO says that while traditional movers often require timely procedures like in-home inspections, iMoving eliminates the need for house calls or phone calls with its comprehensive online platform. Using iMoving, customers can plan local or long-distance relocation services across the U.S. by entering their moving details. According to Aviv, this streamlined process involves an easy-to-use interface for outlining furniture, and users compare prices and reviews from a list of quotes from vetted and verified movers. From there, all it takes is selecting a mover and finalizing the booking online.

Moving forward, Aviv envisions iMoving becoming synonymous with move planning, as one would use online software for vacation planning. With a vast network of over 1,000 trusted movers, he aims to continually expand and enhance the company’s reach and recognition by partnering with the best in the industry. Aviv and his team are excited about doing something unique in the moving industry, offering online booking and shopping experiences they feel set iMoving apart from the competition.

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