How Ben Walker Is Building a Transcription Empire


PUBLISHED: August 11, 2022
How Ben Walker Is Building a Transcription Empire

As businesses go global in the digital age, the demand for transcription services is on the rise. Companies need to have important audio or video information typed into written records, reports or even spreadsheets. These services are crucial for legal cases, earnings calls, focus groups, interviews and more across all industries. Ditto, a highly regarded transcription service provider company based in the United States, has led the way in legal, law enforcement and medical transcription for more than a decade.

Ditto is the rebranded name of Transcription Outsourcing, a transcription services company founded 13 years ago by Benjamin Walker. The slogan, “Transcribing the Human Way,” reflects the company’s  personal approach toward its services. Initially, the company was completely focused on medical transcription, transcribing and standardizing medical data, which was critical to its clients. Back then, the healthcare industry had still not gone digital, so the need for medical transcriptionists was very strong.

With the advancement of technology, medical records are now stored electronically, so the demand for transcription fell. At this point, Walker started losing clients from the healthcare industry. To keep the business afloat, he had to diversify services to include legal, law enforcement, academic, financial and general business transcription. It was a challenging phase in Walker’s career, when he could either innovate or quit and move on.

He decided to take a chance. Now, Ditto is ranked among the top transcription services companies in the United States.

Walker has always been an entrepreneur and wanted to run a business rather than working for someone else. He doesn’t have a résumé, and doesn’t do well taking orders from others, he says, so expanding Transcription Outsourcing was the only way for him to survive. And becoming established in other industries for transcription services was challenging, as there were already many competitors. However, the turning point came when the company was awarded its first major law enforcement contract.

To date, the contract with the Arkansas State Police remains a milestone for Walker. It put his company on the map within the law enforcement industry, and Ditto has since received similar awards from dozens of other agencies.

Now, Ditto works with prominent clients including government agencies, single-practice physicians and attorneys, and entire university systems from around the world. The list includes the University of Colorado Boulder, New York University, BP, the FBI, the DEA, the Colorado Department of Revenue, the Colorado Department of Healthcare Finance and Policy, and many other public and private companies.

Since the company is HIPAA and CJIS compliant, services at Ditto are fast, accurate and reliable. Areas of specialization include medical (including EHR integration), legal, law enforcement, academic and financial transcription services. And to cater to a wider range of industries and businesses, Ditto offers user-friendly and cost-effective options.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Walker always knew that client satisfaction was the key to success in any business. So, he ensures that his company maintains active client support and replies to calls and emails promptly. Ditto hires highly skilled, U.S.-based transcriptionists to offer top-quality transcribed content that is 99% accurate. Walker is also well aware of the security protocols of his clients, and has worked on highly confidential recordings, minor-involved cases and interviews with whistleblowers, maintaining the utmost security and accuracy.

The majority of clients at Ditto are discerning and sophisticated law enforcement agencies, law firms, court systems, research facilities, hospitals and Fortune 500 companies. Ditto has also worked with some famous personalities in the United States. Personalizing services and ensuring reliability has helped the company reach its current position. Connecting to clients and learning about their requirements and preferences, rather than following a cookie-cutter approach, is all part of Walker’s personal approach.

Ditto ensures that all transcriptionists connect to the client, accurately review the audio files or handwritten notes, and perfectly format the transcription. The company believes that people are better at quality control than any other technology—the “human way,” just like the slogan says. Unlike other companies that blindly rely on AI technology and software, transcriptionists at Ditto have an ear for accent, dialects and grammar.

Ditto also values every client and project equally. This is why the company’s official website has a specific calculator that allows the client to plan the project as well as the budget. Accuracy and fast turnaround are hallmarks of Ditto’s process. The company is so confident in its approach that it offers a free trial to all new clients—Clients can get 1,000 lines or a 60-minute free transcription done by Ditto and then decide whether to move ahead with a project or contract.

The company expects to reach new heights as a transcription brand in the US in the coming years. Walker will ensure that the company will continue to stay committed to the quality of its services while maintaining a strict security protocol for all clients. He hopes that Ditto will move on to a new era of transcription services while standing by the core value of the company, which is the human approach to everything they do.

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