Grateful Teens Gear Up for Goals

The SUCCESS Foundation recently shared its SUCCESS for Teens book—which describes challenges and tools for triumph in teenagers’ own words—with students at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas. They apply the book’s lessons to their highly competitive fields as they audition, perform and create artwork. They’re among the 2 million American teenagers learning to reach life goals and stay away from trouble one step at a time through the SUCCESS for Teens paperback and audio books.

Because of contributions from readers like you, the SUCCESS Foundation offers this program free to partner schools and other organizations; a guide advises teachers and other organization leaders on incorporating the lessons of SUCCESS for Teens into existing curriculum. To do your part, please visit and click on the “Donate Now” tab. Here are suggested giving levels:

• $25 to sponsor a classroom.

• $500 to sponsor 50 classrooms.

• $1,000 to sponsor an entire school.

• $10,000 to sponsor a district.

To learn more about tax-deductible gifts to the SUCCESS Foundation, contact Leah McCann at 940-497-9700 or [email protected]


“SUCCESS for Teens is a whole program for us. It encourages us to reach our goals and to go far in life. The book made me think more [about] what I wanted to be and how I needed to reach specific goals.”

Jeri Rosenbloom, 15

“The ‘Use the Moment’ chapter really changed my life. Now with everything that I do, I think about where it is going to take me in 20 years. It’s helping me to realize that I’ve changed my life after this program and reading this book.”

Umair Nasser, 14

“We realize people have been giving donations so that we can be successful. It just makes me more motivated to become successful. It makes me grateful to them.”

Kaylee Valdez, 15


Make a Gift via Cellphone

Through the SUCCESS Foundation’s Text2Give program, you can empower teens in your community with a contribution made from your cellphone. Text SUCCESS (in capital letters) to 85944 and reply YES (capital letters) to give $5 to the SUCCESS for Teens program.


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