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Olympic medalist Dara Torres is 6 feet of inspiration. But the 41-year-old swimmer is more than a feel-good story. Torres is as determined and driven in her daily life as she is in the pool. She is dedicated to pursuing her passions and following her dreams — something she hopes to instill in her 2-year-old daughter and women and girls everywhere. After all, her dreams took her to Beijing.

Upon her return after the Olympics, SUCCESS writer Don Yaeger caught up with Torres, who shared her insights.

What insights can you offer others (non-athletes, too) about setting and staying on track to reach goals?
Everyone has their highs and lows when doing things, but you have to remember what the end result is when you’re having those tough times. I think about the end and about my feelings of success, and that keeps me going. I definitely set goals for myself and try not to get too distracted trying to reach them. And always remember to have fun!

Any strategies or tips for getting past mental obstacles to be your very best?
Mental obstacles are tough. For me personally, if I was having mental obstacles, I would go talk to my coach, who was the most important person to me during this comeback. It’s so important to have that person in your life, a trusted advisor. Communication is very important, and I’ve learned it’s OK to reach out to others if you’re having a tough time. When I was younger, I would internalize things. Not anymore. It’s a great relief to be able to share.

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