Getting Vulnerable Online with Brian Fanzo

UPDATED: January 31, 2024
PUBLISHED: December 21, 2022
Getting Vulnerable Online with Brian Fanzo

Digital futurist virtual keynote speaker Brian Fanzo goes all in when he believes in something. He did a daily podcast for 365 days, bought an NFT every day and launched his own creator coin. But he also struggles with ADHD, which he shares in full transparency.

“The more that I’m able to be open and vulnerable, the less I even have to think about perfection,” Fanzo says. “Why do I have to hide anything or mask anything when people already know this is a struggle for me or I am passionate about these things?”

On this week’s episode, he talks with On Your Terms host Erin King about reinventing who you are on the other side of the pandemic, and how mental health has become a larger focus in the wake of 2020. He’s had to figure out what brings him joy.

Fanzo insists that if your social media feeds are not giving you positive energy and serving up people and products you enjoy, it’s up to you to change that. Every day, he will block, unfollow and mute people. While he may mute someone whose values no longer align with his, Fanzo says nothing is permanent and he encourages people to continue to evolve and change.

Learn more about Brian Fanzo at, listen to the NFT365 podcast, and follow him on all social platforms @brianfanzo. 

On Your Terms with Erin King is no longer releasing new episodes on the SUCCESS Podcast Network, but you can still listen to the full conversation below.

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Erin King is the bestselling author of “You’re Kind of a Big Deal: Level Up by Unlocking Your Audacity” and “Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace.” She’s also the Chief Social Officer at Strikepoint Media, a digital marketing firm focused on social customer acquisition. But hands down, her toughest job is being a personal full-time assistant to a 13-pound cavapoo puppy named Betty White. You can connect with her on Instagram @mrs.erin.king