From Prison to Profits: Entrepreneur Wes Paul Is Redefining His Path


PUBLISHED: December 12, 2022
From Prison to Profits: Entrepreneur Wes Paul Is Redefining His Path

Some people are naturally rich in talents and abilities—athleticism, business, entrepreneurship and other career skills can be natural assets. However, to others, they rise to success when they appear to be least qualified or least expected to succeed. Wes Paul’s story is that of a true underdog.

Beginning his life and career with a rough background, Paul defied the odds around him by opening a telemarketing office at the age of 24. Life took him down some more difficult paths, but he has overcome struggles in his rise to success in the entrepreneurial world and is determined not to let his past mistakes control his present goals. 

Everyone is prone to mistakes; however, how we learn and grow from them determines our success in this life. Paul is a dedicated entrepreneur trying to leave a mark in his industry and help as many people as he can.

Decisions and the butterfly effect

In the psychological world, the term “butterfly effect” describes how every little decision can have an impact on something or someone in the largest ways. A butterfly flapping its wings may not seem major, yet it can have some larger ecological repercussions. We more often think about it through the lens of life decisions. 

From Prison to Profits: Entrepreneur Wes Paul Is Redefining His Path

Paul grew up in a rough home situation, and his struggles in school led him to believe he wouldn’t amount to anything. In an attempt to redirect his path, Paul started his own telemarketing company. 

From the outside, doing what he could to make the most of his business, Paul worked hard. However, like a butterfly flapping its wings, little decisions can have a lingering effect. After getting involved in some big mistakes, Paul landed himself in prison for nine years.

Turning the tables

Paul spent 3,285 days behind bars. That’s a long time for someone to reflect on their life and the decisions they made, as Paul did. “I lost everything and all my support,” Paul recalls. Because he was left with nothing, he was able to reframe his mindset. 

During his last few years in prison, Paul spent time studying how he could do something bigger. “I elevated my mindset to prepare for success after my release,” he says.

After his release in 2019, Paul landed a job in hospitality as a bartender. However, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived soon after, shutting down the world and putting his goals on hold. Instead of letting his environment dictate his life for him, Paul realized that he wanted to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor: helping people understand how to repair and maintain their credit. 

Pursuing success and financial freedom

The average credit card debt in America can range from about $4,000 to $6,000. This knowledge gave Paul the desire to educate people on how to build back their broken credit. In the summer of 2020, Paul switched his company’s focus on credit monitoring and teaching financial literacy.

From Prison to Profits: Entrepreneur Wes Paul Is Redefining His Path

Because of his desire to diversify his services, Paul was able to help over 500 different businesses find and qualify for funding and stimulus programs. Now, his major success in his credit company’s services has led him to develop The Blueprint Mentorship program. “Ultimately, we are looking to mentor others to go chase their blueprint,” Paul explains.

Defying the social norms

Hitting a wall is never a welcomed experience. In business and in life, mistakes can change someone forever, but choosing to learn and grow instead of running from the difficult circumstances is what defines them. That is exactly how Paul has lived his life. Building himself back up from rock bottom helped him realize how important it is to do the right thing and work hard in every area of life. His journey hasn’t been easy, but his trials have shown him how sweet success can truly be. 

As a business owner, mentor and social media influencer, Paul is committed to being the best version of himself and helping others do the same. The power of choosing a path rather than letting society dictate it has strengthened Paul to defy the social norms. Moving forward, Paul hopes to build his personal brand and aspires to be a keynote speaker. 

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