The Enneagram Gift Guide: Personalized Christmas Gifts for Every Enneagram Type

UPDATED: December 21, 2023
PUBLISHED: November 29, 2023
Excited woman covering her eyes and opening her Enneagram gift.

The Enneagram is a personality framework that identifies nine distinct personality types, each with its own set of core desires and characteristics. As holiday shopping picks up, one way to make the gift selection process more meaningful is by considering the recipient’s Enneagram type and what they want and need. 

From the perfectionist’s desire for order to the enthusiast’s quest for excitement, find the perfect presents for your loved ones based on their Enneagram.

Gifts for Enneagram 1: The Perfectionist

Also called “The Perfectionist,” a Type One has a core desire to be good, right and morally upstanding. A One’s key motivation is to be responsible and avoid mistakes. They’re often self-disciplined and critical of themselves. A few gifts that may be a good fit for Type Ones are below:

EspressoWorks 15-Bar Machine

The EspressoWorks 15-Bar Machine caters to an Enneagram One’s need for efficiency and a routine. Its compact design ensures a precise and satisfying start to each day.

Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner & Notebook

Tailored for meticulous planning, the Leuchtturm1917 Weekly Planner & Notebook supports aOne’s desire for organization and structure, providing a dedicated space for each day.

Ettitude Vegan Cashmere Blanket

Luxuriously indulgent, the Ettitude Vegan Cashmere Blanket aligns with an Enneagram One’s refined taste, offering both physical comfort and a touch of opulence in their pursuit of perfection.

Gifts for Enneagram 2: The Helper

Known as “The Helper,” the Two seeks to be loved and needed. Their key motivation revolves around helping others, gaining approval and avoiding rejection. Twos are often warm, caring individuals who prioritize the needs of others. Type Twos may enjoy the following gifts:

Netgear Meural Photo Frame

The Netgear Meural Photo Frame serves as a thoughtful Enneagram gift for Twos. This allows them to create and cherish meaningful keepsakes by displaying a rotating collection of photos from family and friends, fostering a sense of connection and love around the clock.

HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket

Indulge an Enneagram Two’s nurturing nature with the HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket. This luxurious self-care item offers relaxation and warmth, aligning with their tendency to provide care for others. It becomes a sanctuary for them to unwind and prioritize their well-being.

Dr. Loretta Tightening Detox Mask

The Dr. Loretta Tightening Detox Mask is a pampering addition to a Two’s self-care routine. The mask treat not only aligns with their desire for self-improvement, but also provides a moment of indulgence, reflecting their caring and nurturing personality.

Enneagram Gifts for 3: The Achiever

Enneagram Threes, known as “The Achievers,” aspire to succeed and be admired. Their primary motivation centers on achieving goals, gaining recognition and avoiding failure. Threes are characterized by their ambition, goal-oriented nature and attention to their public image.

T3 AireBrush

The T3 Airebrush offers a solution for one-step blowouts, contributing to a Three’s desire for a well-groomed appearance. This tool aligns with their sense of responsibility in maintaining a put-together image.

Armoire Fashion Subscription Box

The Armoire Fashion Subscription Box brings curated fashion directly to the Threes in your life, allowing them to maintain a fashionable image without the added stress of shopping. It resonates with their desire for success without being overwhelming.

Garmin Venu 3S Fitness Tracker

The Garmin Venu 3S Fitness Tracker caters to the active and goal-oriented lifestyle of an Enneagram Three, helping them stay on top of their fitness while looking chic. This sleek accessory bolsters their commitment to achievement and staying at the forefront of their goals with both style and functionality.

Gifts for Enneagram 4: The Individualist

As “The Individualist,” an Enneagram Four desires to find their unique identity and significance. Their key motivation involves expressing authenticity and avoiding ordinariness. Fours are often creative, emotionally intense and seek depth and meaning in their lives.

Montelobos Mezcal Pechuga

When thinking about an Enneagram gift for a Four, consider the distinct distillation process of the Montelobos Mezcal Pechuga (which involves kosher turkey breast). That’s because it serves as a conversation starter, resonating with a Four’s desire for individuality and uniqueness in their experiences.

Váhy Midnight Ruze Perfume

Perfume is a personal expression, and the unique fragrance of Váhy Midnight Ruze aligns perfectly with a Four’s desire for individual authenticity. It becomes a subtle yet significant statement of their distinct identity.

Ted Baker Briefcase

A high-quality briefcase, like the Ted Baker Strath, is not just an accessory, but also a tool that aids in one’s professional success and polished image. It connects a Four’s ambition and creative nature, reflecting a commitment to excellence in their endeavors.

Gifts for Enneagram 5: The Investigator

Fives, also known as “The Investigators,” are driven by a desire to understand and possess knowledge. Their key motivation includes gaining information, independence and avoiding incompetence. Fives are analytical and curious and often maintain a reserved and private demeanor. Here are some gifts they might enjoy:

Ministry of Supply Gift Card 

A Ministry of Supply Gift Card is an entry into sustainable fashion with a carbon-neutral commitment. The company’s fabrics, which feature NASA-derived technology and high-performing Merino wool, are ideal for the pragmatic Five.

MasterClass Online Subscription

A learning subscription like MasterClass caters to a Five’s insatiable appetite for knowledge and continuous learning. It provides a platform for them to delve into various subjects and gain insights from masters in different fields, aligning with their desire to understand and possess a broad spectrum of information.

Normatec Go Leg Massager

The Normatec Go Leg portable leg massagers provide comfort and relaxation during a Five’s introspective moments, while also satisfying their desire for high-tech devices and new technology. 

Gifts for Enneagram 6: The Loyalist

“The Loyalist,” or an Enneagram Type Six, strives for security and guidance. Their key motivation is seeking support and safety, and avoiding fear and anxiety. Sixes are characterized by their responsibility and tendency to be cautious and skeptical.

Ready America Emergency Preparedness Kit

An Emergency Preparedness Kit is a practical gift for the ever-prepared Six. This kit can become a source of comfort for them by giving them the assurance that they’re well-equipped to handle unexpected situations.

Eli & Elm Weighted Comforter

This Eli & Elm weighted comforter not only provides physical coziness, but also contributes to a sense of security, allowing them to unwind and fall asleep faster. It’s a soothing and reassuring addition to their bedtime routine.

Comphy Microfiber Sheet Set

The Comphy Microfiber Sheet Set offers an intimate and comforting Enneagram gift for a Six. It caters to their desire for depth and meaning by providing a cozy sanctuary for reflection and relaxation. 

Gifts for Enneagram 7: The Enthusiast

Sevens, referred to as “The Enthusiasts,” desire to be happy and have a variety of experiences. Their key motivation involves seeking enjoyment, avoiding pain and embracing new experiences. Sevens are often spontaneous and optimistic, and may display impulsive behavior.

The Bucket List Book

The Bucket List Book organizes once-in-a-lifetime activities by longitude and latitude, fueling the Seven’s love for excitement and exploration. This thoughtful gift inspires them with a plethora of adventurous possibilities, aligning seamlessly with their desire for stimulating new experiences.

Bokksu Snack Box Subscription

A Bokksu Snack Box subscription not only allows them to indulge in a variety of international snacks, but also gives them the opportunity to share these delightful treats with loved ones, enhancing their quest for spontaneity and enjoyment.

Airbnb Online Tour of Tokyo

An Airbnb Online Tour gives Sevens an exciting virtual experience that fuels their love for exploration. It also allows them to satisfy their wanderlust from the comfort of their home.

Enneagram Gifts for 8: The Challenger

Eights, or “The Challengers,” want to be in control and protect themselves and others. Their key motivation revolves around exercising power, avoiding vulnerability and protecting the weak. Eights are assertive, strong-willed and often display protective tendencies.

Yearly Budget Planner

A yearly budget planner becomes a tool for them to take charge of their financial goals and maintain control over their resources, satisfying their desire for autonomy and stability.

Polaris Off-Roading Adventure

Polaris Off-Roading Adventures cater to an Eight’s adventurous and challenging spirit. It provides an exhilarating experience that aligns with their love for excitement and the thrill of overcoming obstacles.

Helight Red Light Therapy Device

The red light therapy from Helight can help Eights unwind after having their shields up all day. It’s easy to take on trips so they can sleep deeper, no matter the weather. 

Gifts for Enneagram 9: The Peacemaker

“The Peacemakers,” or Enneagram Type Nines, seek to maintain inner and outer peace and harmony. Their key motivation includes avoiding conflict and maintaining comfort and inner stability. Nines are easygoing, harmonious individuals who often prioritize maintaining a sense of tranquility.

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

A Parachute Cloud cotton robe is soft, light and feels like a cozy hug—the perfect gear for those laid-back moments of tranquility.

Airbnb Abstract Art Class

An Airbnb abstract art class fosters creativity and a sense of calm, providing an avenue for Nines to express themselves harmoniously. It’s not just about painting; it’s a mindfulness journey, a relaxed adventure into the artsy world and a great way to keep that inner peace intact.

Sprig Bath Bomb Essentials Pack

This Sprig Bath Bomb Essentials Pack is like a little fizzy escape, creating a soothing vibe that matches the easy-flowing nature of Nines.

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