Digitizing Legal Services with M A Legal Founder Rex Afrasiabi


PUBLISHED: October 7, 2022
Digitizing Legal Services with M A Legal Founder Rex Afrasiabi

Living in a world where technology advances every day, everything we need for our comfort and convenience is available at the click of a button. Clothes, food, and even health and wellness visits can all be attained without walking out your front door. However, some industries are stuck in the past.

Rex Afrasiabi, owner and founder of legal firm M A Legal, has made his mark by seeing a need and coming up with practical, reasonable and successful solutions. From general manager of an international fashion company to serving his clients as a world-renowned legal advisor, Afrasiabi is determined to make his visions a reality while helping as many people as he can along the way.

Finding the why

For some entrepreneurs starting their business endeavors, the path is arduous and unclear. Making a leap into the business world, whatever the industry, is nerve-wracking. However, if you are lucky enough to realize what you are passionate about at a young age, the motivation to succeed gives you a clear goal-driven path.

Afrasiabi was one of those fortunate enough to realize his dream and passion at a young age. He developed his skills and abilities over a span of 20-plus years. He worked for various law firms, but eventually he made a switch to the fashion industry and became a general manager for an international fashion company.

“The fashion industry was intense and fun, but it didn’t help me figure out my why,” Afrasiabi says. Throughout his experiences, he was seeking purpose in his work. After his time in the fast-paced fashion world, he decided it was time to go out on his own. He founded M A Legal, a law firm bent on changing the technological discrepancies of the legal industry and giving clients a more involved experience in all their legal needs.

Digital legalities

M A Legal was Afrasiabi’s combination of all of his passions. He wanted to run a company that could help people, but also help him continually grow and learn. That is why his law firm is determined to help people in all their needs. In addition to being a legal advisor, Afrasiabi became an advisor for various entrepreneurs, businesses and financial investors. He was also given an opportunity to co-host two business advisory shows called Real Estate Renovators and Entrepriser.

Through his advisor experience, he realized other business industries were growing through technological developments. “Law is old fashioned,” Afrasiabi says. Most experiences in law lead to endless amounts of paperwork, signatures and all those papers being copied into a digital hard drive from the physical copies. He explains that most lawyers don’t have the time or skill set to digitize their client’s experience. However, Afrasiabi wants to give his clients the best and most convenient customer service experience, and that is why he has digitized his law services.

Passion and purpose

Along with his desire to serve his clients to the best of his abilities, Afrasiabi is determined to keep growing in his abilities. This is one of the main reasons his firm can give legal assistance to any type of issue. Real estate, litigation and commercial assistance are just a few of the services offered by M A Legal. The multitude of services offered make it even more impressive that he has made it possible for his clients to see their profiles and cases digitally.

“It’s hard to get things done 100% online” Afrasiabi explains, but that is largely due to the fact that the rest of the legal industry isn’t making moves to be technologically savvy. Another way Afrasiabi is looking to grow in experience and knowledge is through digitizing legal services. He has realized the importance of relationships in business as well as the willingness to develop business partnerships.

“A good business partnership contributes different skill sets to help the business” Afrasiabi says about his partnership success. He is co-developing a new business called Bond Conveyancing. This new law firm is enabling clients to transact their legal real estate transactions online. Through a secure online portal or app, clients will have the ability to virtually obtain their legal services 24 hours a day. It is important to note that the legal services are being performed by an experienced team of lawyers and the traditional methods of contacting them via phone or in person will always remain available.

Never be outworked

Through all of his ventures and experiences, Afrasiabi has learned that he has to work hard. However, he has been determined to not overwork himself. Yet, he also pushes himself to “never be outworked,” which is proudly tattooed on his ankle.  There is a balance of boundaries that have to be realized and instituted as an entrepreneur. When the business success relies on how much you pour into it, it is in an entrepreneur’s spirit to not quit—no matter what.

For Afrasiabi, he has spent his life pouring into others, businesses and his own passions. He has developed his own digital legal platform, advised start-up businesses as well as established large enterprises, all while serving his clients to the best of his abilities. For most entrepreneurs, you can’t settle. There is no off-day because there is always a new way to be better, serve better and succeed better. Afrasiabi has learned how to be successful in his own endeavors, so he now pours into others his established knowledge to help them succeed as well.

Refusing to just be “good enough,” Afrasiabi is an established lawyer and a mentor to many. With the ability to be heard all around the world by co-hosting two business advisory shows, Afrasiabi is able to help businesses make smarter decisions everywhere. By leveraging his intuition and relationships, he is helping the world move forward with technology.

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