From the Editor: Design Your Destiny By Investing In Personal and Professional Development

UPDATED: February 29, 2024
PUBLISHED: February 29, 2024
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Welcome to the elegantly designed pages of our new SUCCESS+ digital magazine. We are elated that you’ve decided to join us on each issue as we delve into pertinent, niche topics to help you grow and prosper in your business and in life. On that note, it is my honor to introduce our premier issue’s theme: professional development

Cultivating professional development

Our passion for championing entrepreneurs aligns seamlessly with the ethos of professional development, the cornerstone of sustained success. We aim to cultivate a community of entrepreneurs, motivators and trailblazers who recognize that investing in themselves through knowledge and great role models is an investment in the future. In other words, as the business landscape evolves, so must our skills, knowledge and mindset. And we’ve got you covered!

We are the architects of our destinies, and the blueprint for success is ever-evolving. In these pages, you’ll find discussions on upskilling in emerging markets, navigating the complexities of leadership, fostering a mindset of innovation and honing the ability to pivot when necessary. You’ll also discover practical tips, success stories and expert advice that encapsulate a dynamic spirit of entrepreneurship, emphasizing that professional development is not a one-time event but a lifelong journey. 

On manifesting and imposter syndrome 

In addition, you will meet professional and personal development legends past, present and future, including motivational powerhouse Jamie Kern Lima. In my raw and touching interview with Lima, we discussed why two pivotal themes—manifesting and imposter syndrome—often emerge in the vast realm of personal development. While seemingly disparate, they intertwined throughout Lima’s personal and professional life as she evolved into a beauty industry entrepreneur and now a leading voice in the pursuit of self-worth. Her invaluable message that most of us blame external factors for our discontent—whether it be a job, a relationship or societal expectations—resonates to the core.

In the spirit of transformative energy, this exciting edition serves as a call to action. Alongside our unwavering commitment to new and innovative offerings, we hope you take this opportunity to commit to embracing professional development as a driving force for your own change and growth. As you dig in, we look forward to sharing why the pursuit of continuous learning and self-improvement is more crucial than ever in today’s entrepreneurial landscape. 

I’m thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with you.

To your continued success,

Kerrie Lee Brown,
VP Media & Editor-in-chief

Kerrie Lee Brown is an international journalist, author and women's health advocate. Over the years, she has written for more than 150 publications worldwide and held numerous executive and senior editorial roles across Canada and the U.S. She has interviewed a plethora of Hollywood celebrities and some of the most inspiring thought leaders around the globe. Today, Kerrie Lee is the editor-in-chief of SUCCESS Enterprises' impressive magazine portfolio and an advocate for authentic storytelling as the founder of