Define Your Narrative with Lauren Petrullo

UPDATED: January 29, 2024
PUBLISHED: February 28, 2023
Define Your Narrative with Lauren Petrullo

At the age of five, Lauren Petrullo started her entrepreneurial career, selling her drawings door-to-door to neighbors. She learned early on that if she didn’t define her own narrative, someone else would do it for her. While homeless for a time in high school, she also studied, worked three jobs and was on the soccer team training to be a professional athlete. 

While in a major role at the Walt Disney Company, she realized she could work more independently with smaller companies. Starting out as a freelancer, she was able to help six of her clients become millionaires within just a year of working together. 

Now she’s a marketing guru, owns four companies and is the founder and CEO of Mongoose Media. Today, she talks with In The Details host Karen Allen about overcoming adversity, understanding empathy and showing gratitude

For Petrullo, failing is never a bad thing. She has instituted Fail Fridays, where at least one person on each team has to talk about something they’ve failed at. Petrullo sees them as the first attempt at learning. 

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