David Lindsay Unveils Plans for New Course Focusing on Resilience and Feedback


PUBLISHED: April 11, 2024
David Lindsay holding a ball

David Lindsay, a speaker who specializes in personal and professional development, is set to launch a new course during the latter part of this year. He says the goal of this course is to redefine how businesses structure their operations to nurture resilient employees capable of receiving and providing constructive feedback.

According to Lindsay, he not only conducted extensive research, but also leveraged his experiences in competitive sports and the insights he has accumulated over years of dedicated work in the business landscape to design the course, which has a duration of six to eight weeks. The program is meant to be an extension of the three pillars of success that he previously developed.

Lindsay says his three pillars represent a roadmap to high performance in the personal and professional lives of individuals. They revolve around defining one’s goals, learning from the success of others and practicing what he describes as the “5-Step System Towards Improved Vitality in the Workplace”—a system that emphasizes the role of energy and vitality in maintaining progress, offering steps for long-term success.

The upcoming course will offer multiple packages tailored to participants’ different needs and preferences. Those in the program can access pre-recorded videos, engage in live discussions and benefit from personalized coaching sessions. Lindsay adds that participants can also expect regular check-ins and follow-ups from him to ensure accountability and maximize the course’s effectiveness. “My course isn’t a stand-alone module,” he says. “I aim to support participants throughout their journey, to make sure they can actually apply what they learned from the program.”

Lindsay’s approach to changing mindsets and building resilience in his upcoming program aligns with his overarching mission of promoting employee and business vitality. He strives to empower individuals to receive feedback with confidence, as he recognizes that people tend to be sensitive about such matters.

Therefore, the course starts with enhancing resilience. “Think of resilience as the foundation of the course. You need to have the emotional capacity to receive feedback effectively,” Lindsay says. “There’s this delicate balance between constructive criticism and potential emotional fragility, and that’s what the course works on.”

Lindsay emphasizes the importance of contextualizing feedback within a supportive framework. He plans on guiding participants in his program through exercises and discussions that can improve their resilience when receiving criticism. He believes this can help them view feedback as an opportunity for growth rather than a threat to their self-esteem.

“The course is open to everyone, especially middle management personnel, who are usually the ones feeling the pressure from both the top and bottom of their management,” Lindsay adds. He intends to initiate a ripple effect of positivity and growth throughout the organization by assisting middle managers in building resilient teams.

Lindsay hopes his upcoming program will accelerate organizational growth as he seeks to empower individuals to gracefully receive and provide constructive feedback, creating a culture of resilience and vitality. He believes this initiative can help businesses remain agile and adaptive by helping employees acquire both the skills and mindset needed to thrive in competitive landscapes.

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