Communicate Authentically with Others

Authentic communicators are people who project open-mindedness, understanding, and confidence. They reach their personal and professional goals by creating worthwhile ideas, by being steadfast to their own principles, and by motivating and involving others. Authentic communicators understand themselves, and they understand what motivates others. They take into consideration basic communication styles and are willing to be flexible with their style to meet their goals, as well as to help others meet their goals.

The most successful communicators succeed by developing their own potential, not by trying to imitate others. Being authentic involves being your best, truest self – warm, open, and human. Authenticity creates a climate of trust because it promises others the freedom to act without a need to build protective walls. This positive atmosphere establishes rapport, cements relationships, and enhances communication. The actions of authentic communicators are in tune with their words, and they have no need to say, "Do what I say, not what I do."

A realistic grasp of their own capabilities and a recognition of their limitations is another trait common to authentic communicators. Accurate self-assessment of your personality in general and of your specific communication skills is invaluable.

When you know your strengths, you know how to capitalize on them; when you acknowledge your weaknesses, you can work on them. You avoid the trap of clouding your communication with irrelevant and distracting attempts to hide weaknesses – because you already acknowledge them and are taking action to overcome them. This self-understanding and acceptance allows the authentic communicator to be spontaneous and confident. When conveying information and when listening, the authentic communicator is free to not only share honestly, but also to view and interpret situations and other people with confidence – without walls of defensiveness or paranoia.

In addition to holding a confident self-image, authentic communicators hold positive regard for others. They believe that other people possess great potential and that others want to cooperate. They give others "the benefit of the doubt." They avoid attempting to mold people in their own image. Instead, they allow others to use their unique strengths and styles to communicate for best results. Authentic communicators encourage people to grow by helping them develop their hidden talents and their full potential.

People are the wellspring of productivity; dealing with people in integrity and authenticity is good from both a human and a business standpoint. Begin today to become an authentic communicator!


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