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Pamela Zapata

Society 18 Founder Pamela Zapata on Supporting Influencers of Color and Knowing Your Worth

By Em Cassel / November 29, 2022 /

We sat down with Zapata to talk about setting out on your own, supporting creators of all kinds, and the beauty of standing up for yourself.

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How CEO Ryan Carroll Breaks the Matrix

How CEO Ryan Carroll Breaks the Matrix

By Cecilia Meis / November 28, 2022 /

Escaping the matrix can be difficult, especially when you don’t know where to start. You feel like everything you do is taking you back to the same point, and sometimes it feels like giving up is the better option. But it is certainly not impossible. Ryan Carroll has broken the matrix, moving from a struggling…

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Anthony O'Neal

Personal Finance Expert Anthony O’Neal Shares 3 Tools for Remote Workers to Maximize their Financial Security

By Megan Nicole O'Neal / November 22, 2022 /

Digitally-savvy professionals are budgeting out their time to efficiently add more income opportunities and leaning on three specific tools to maximize their financial security.

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Here's How Leaders Should Address Quiet Quitting

Here’s How Leaders Should Address Quiet Quitting

By Cecilia Meis / November 21, 2022 /

First it was the “Great Resignation,” now it’s “Quiet Quitting.” Leaders across the globe are scrambling to figure out how to not only retain employees, but also how they can fully engage them at work. Quiet quitting has been happening for years. But, it really started trending after 24-year-old engineer Zaid Khan posted a TikTok…

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