California-Based Entrepreneur Shares His Mission to Have a Positive Impact Through Food


PUBLISHED: October 3, 2023

Eric Bush, founder of Electric Sliders, a California-based food truck, shares his mission and vision for the truck and how he has incorporated his life’s journey as an entrepreneur and free spirit into the food he serves.

The vision and idea to start his own food truck started when Bush was working in Arizona as a restaurant manager. He was speaking with a close friend, and they both wanted to use their experience in the food service industry to do something that would enable them to utilize their intelligence for a better purpose. Bush’s friend moved on to other ventures, but the idea for a food truck stayed with him.

During one Super Bowl Sunday, Bush was spending time with his family and friends when he prepared burger sliders for the evening. He was tired of working in restaurants. As everyone was enjoying the sliders, he had the idea to open the Electric Sliders food truck, which would primarily serve gourmet burger sliders. He turned his idea into a reality when he opened Electric Sliders.

Electric Sliders opened as a pop-up food truck as a way for Bush and his employees to have fun while giving back to the community and having a lasting impact on the people they serve.

“I believe in having fun with everything that we are doing, and while it is a business and we provide great quality food and service to our customers, if we have fun and enjoy it, then people will see that and want to keep coming back,” Bush says. “People feel like they are a part of this inclusive group, and it helps them escape from the stress of the day.”

After the food truck’s initial opening, Bush began taking on catering events. As Electric Sliders continues to expand, Bush plans to open brick-and-mortar locations of the food truck, as well as branch out to open locations internationally. He says he is currently focused on bringing Electric Sliders to Dubai. As someone who works to have a positive impact on the communities he serves and the environment, Bush is working toward acquiring an electric food truck that runs on battery power. He says he also wants to incorporate solar panels into the electric food truck, so the equipment can be powered by sustainable energy. The food at Electric Sliders is prepared with fresh ingredients every day, and Bush buys from local suppliers.

Bush says that aspiring entrepreneurs should follow their vision and dreams even if they have to do it by themselves. “Take the leap and start following your passions and build the life you want for yourself,” Bush says. “You may have to do it alone, but others will see the impact you’re having on the world and want to be a part of it.”

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