Blogic Systems Aims to Redefine the POS Process for Businesses


PUBLISHED: April 19, 2024
Blogic Systems point-of-sale solutions

Hospitality and retail are demanding businesses—and managing the problems that arise within them requires creative solutions. The point-of-sale (POS) solutions that Blogic Systems provides for bartenders, servers, managers and business owners have been designed with these problems in mind, thanks to the team’s industry experience.

Founded in 2010, Blogic Systems offers POS software—similar to applications like Toast, Lightspeed, Spot On, Clover and Square—that serves as a platform for every facet of a business. The company was created by seasoned hospitality experts and entrepreneurs who wanted to address the technological shortcomings and operational disconnects they have seen and experienced firsthand. The Blogic Systems team believes their technology marks a significant advancement for the industry.

“Our founding team members have direct experience in the hospitality and retail sectors,” Samer Mustaklim, vice president of marketing at Blogic Systems, says. “This firsthand understanding of the industry’s challenges has been instrumental in shaping our product. We haven’t just theorized about the pain points—we’ve experienced them.”

In a market saturated with startups and tech ventures, Blogic Systems has aimed to stand out by innovating with its POS solutions. Mustaklim says that what differentiates Blogic Systems from other POS companies is its ability to customize features based on each business’s specific needs and offer local concierge support. He has worked in the hospitality industry for over ten years and knows that simplicity in any business technology can promote growth in all aspects, including efficiency, training, employee retention, quality and service.

From placing orders online and through QR codes to taking orders and payments through a handheld POS device to creating advanced analytics and rewarding customers for their loyalty, Blogic Systems aims to be the best POS platform ever made. Mustaklim says it’s a blazingly fast, stress-free and “always-on” experience that will work even if a business’s internet goes down. He adds that the company is people-first, technology-led and equipped with a background in delivering the most streamlined payment technology. Its software can integrate with a vast network of providers such as American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and more. Blogic Systems also offers the potential to reduce or eliminate credit card fees while providing access to funds with same-day deposits.

“[We] envision Blogic Systems as a transformative force in the hospitality technology landscape, recognized nationally as a provider of bespoke, innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of individual businesses and powerhouse restaurant groups,” Mustaklim says. “Our dream is to become the go-to partner for businesses across the country, known for our ability to craft custom solutions that not only address the specific challenges of each client but also propel them towards unprecedented efficiency and success.”

Mustaklim believes Blogic Systems is more than a technology provider. He and his team see the company as a transformative partner for businesses that want to advance their POS systems and create a more streamlined service for their customers and employees. Mustaklim says Blogic Systems’ customizable, all-in-one platform makes it a compelling choice for restaurants, clubs, bars, retail establishments, medical offices and many other kinds of businesses that seek to enhance their operational efficiency and customer service experience in order to succeed in ways previously thought impossible.

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