Be Profiled in SUCCESS Magazine!

W ithout gifts from readers like you, the SUCCESS Foundation couldn’t have spread its SUCCESS for Teens program across North America. This free program has helped 2 million students reach their goals and avoid trouble along the way.

Its charitable outreach provides older schoolkids with the SUCCESS for Teens book, written by teens for kids their own ages, to help them avoid negative peer pressure to abuse drugs, skip classes or engage in other self-destructive behavior. It also shows them how to create a step-by-step plan for achieving their dreams and gives adult program leaders (usually teachers) a guide for incorporating the book’s lessons into existing school curriculum. A gift of only $25 can sponsor a classroom, and $10,000 can sponsor an entire school district; there are many giving levels in between.

Donors, please send your stories of experiences with the SUCCESS for Teens program to [email protected] SUCCESS Magazine will publish a photo of you along with biographical information such as the name of your business and your hometown. And, of course, we want to tell why you made your contribution to SUCCESS for Teens and what your gift accomplished.

SUCCESS for Teens changes kids’ lives. We’ve seen this over and over, and you can see it for yourself at Won’t you help us help teens and let us tell SUCCESS readers what you did?


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