For a Solid Life of Success, Avoid These 4 Temptations

I don’t have enough paper to write or tell you the thousand sad stories I know about all the educated, gifted and talented people who fell into the temptation to get rich quick, looked for something for nothing, ceased to persist and do, believed false promises, and took shortcuts. A solid life of success is […]

3 Proven Ways to Save Time

When was the last time you complained that you had too much time on your hands? You probably can’t remember that far back. The truth is that most of us can’t squeeze into a 24-hour period all the items in our daily planners. A common mistake most people make is attempting to find time instead […]

13 Key Habits to Help You “Seize the Day”

I believe there are certain habits that will enable us to live life to its fullest, making the most of every opportunity. These habits are not personality traits! They are little choices that we internalize into habits. Here are 13 of my favorite habits that help me seize each day: 1. Be an inverted paranoid: […]