After US Airways Flight 1549 Crashed…

Dave Sanderson believed he was tuned into his version of the American Dream. Then came the airplane crash. Sanderson had started his career in the restaurant industry before settling into technology sales, working his way into a large-account position with the California-based tech firm Oracle. By January 2009, he was traveling more than 100 times […]

Want to Get More Done? Know the No. 1 Productivity Tip

The most effective way to get more done is to spend less time doing it, says Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project, a New York-based company with a mission to change the way the world works. “If you’re not creating space for renewal and refueling, it’s like driving a Formula 1 car around a […]

Go Inside an Inventor’s Restless Mind

Ray Davis has fashioned a storybook career out of hard work, a knack for solving problems and his habit of listening closely to others. The 71-year-old holds about 80 patents, and through his Dallas-based company ADCO Industries has designed and sold millions of products that have allowed businesses to improve safety standards and boost profits. […]

5 Tips for a Workplace Attitude Adjustment

Psychologist and author Noelle Nelson, Ph.D., offers basic advice about nurturing a happy work environment: 1. Listen to your employees’ opinions and use them. And let them know that you use them and that you’re grateful for their input. “That makes people really sit up, pay attention and not only work harder, but be much […]

4 Tenets of a Happy Workplace

An engaged workforce is a happy workforce. In its latest The State of the American Workplace poll, Gallup focused on 12 actionable workplace elements that can be proven to coincide with performance. Employee engagement was highest among companies that had the four following traits: 1. Strategy and leadership philosophy: Although most organizations now recognize the […]