Why You Should Start Your Own Business Today

Why You Should Start Your Own Business Today

Whether from the work culture in their old positions, feeling a lack of something from pay to purpose or a desire to be their own boss, the number of Americans deciding to work for themselves has increased. 
Having spent his entire adult life in corporate positions, he knew he could go job hunting. But this was the fifth time he’d had a “secure” position shot out from under him, whether through downsizing, restructuring or other reorganization. With a wife and two teenagers to clothe and feed, he was no longer willing to trust his future to this game of corporate roulette. It was time to go into business for himself.

Women of Influence

Shattering stereotypes and raising the bar, these women helped shape America’s future.

25 Books for Success

25 Books for Success

These are 25 books about success that we’ve read, liked and that made a difference in our lives.

Stand Out from the Crowd

In an overcrowded, hypercompetitive world, the only way to make an impression on your prospect is to break through the noise. “The formula of telling everybody how great you are with your state-of-the-art solutions, commitment to customer service, and best prices in town just won’t cut it,” says marketing expert Lauron Sonnier, author of Think […]

Let’s Talk Money

Ever wonder why some people have all the luck when it comes to getting incredib

5 Tips for Creating a Powerful Personal Brand

Being memorable is key to success in sales. Valerie Sokolosky, president of the executive coaching and consulting firm Valerie & Company, shares five ways sales professionals build personal brand equity. BRAND YOURSELF through your professional presence. First impressions count! What message are your clothes sending? Are you trendy, conservative, fashionable or outdated? What about your […]