Where Did Your New Year’s Resolution Go?

How’s your New Year’s resolution coming? If you’re anything like me, you have inevitably put off your resolution at least once. Resolutions often dissolve as quickly as they are developed—for many of us, nothing really changes after New Year’s Day. The uncomfortable truth is that only 8 percent of people actually keep their resolutions, according to […]

Remembering Stuart Scott: ‘Fighting Is Winning’

ESPN commentator and journalist Stuart Scott was a true example of a life lived greatly. The 49-year-old sportscaster lost his battle to cancer on Sunday, Jan. 4. Scott had a warrior’s spirit. He epitomized class and courage, and had an unshakable will to live. It pained me deeply to know that one of my favorite […]

Wounded Warrior Project: How It’s Repaying the Service

Steven Nardizzi thought he was prepared. But really, how could he have been? A lifelong passion for serving veterans had led Nardizzi and a number of colleagues to start a small support organization called the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). The goal was to offer encouragement and care to a generation of soldiers coming back from the […]

Could Your Parents Unlock the Secret to Your Success? Look Closer…

Howard Schultz, chairman and CEO of Starbucks, grew up in the Bayview housing projects in Brooklyn, New York, and as a young man, he witnessed his father’s physical and emotional decline. Schultz’s father, a deliveryman, slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk and broke his hip while on the job. With no company health insurance […]

How to Hit a Business Home Run

The month of October and Major League Baseball playoffs have become synonymous, and so have certain MLB teams that consistently make the playoffs (and others that don’t). The Chicago Cubs are sitting at home… again, while the St. Louis Cardinals are chasing another world championship. Here’s the ultimate question: What is it about some teams that […]

The Real Reason Athletes Win

LeBron James has one. Rory McIlroy does too. Even Serena Williams believes hers is the reason for her success is. So what is it? A coach. From Little Leaguers to the highest of pros, raw talent isn’t enough to reach total success. The great ones know that it takes continuous help from effective coaches to […]

Are You Afraid to Be Alone with Your Thoughts?

Before my family and I left for our European vacation a few weeks ago, I did what was needed to make sure I had a phone that would work overseas. I wanted to stay in touch with and be available for my office, but despite my best efforts, the phone failed me in Europe. I […]

Afraid of Your ‘Goliath’? This Is How to Defeat It

Baylor University head football coach Art Briles has a fearless perspective on life. While writing our new book Beating Goliath, I realized that what started as a book venture about an exceptional coach had transformed into a collection of valuable lessons on navigating life’s challenges. Known most for his dynamic years of head coaching at […]

Get a Mentor and Get Growing

As a leadership expert, John C. Maxwell stands tall among business thought-leaders. Throughout his writing and speaking career, I’ve admired his work and the lessons I learned from his numerous best-selling books. Less than a year after I finished writing A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring with the legendary UCLA coach John […]

How Team USA Tapped into the Underdog Role

No one expected the United States to make an impact in the 2014 FIFA World Cup—the world’s biggest sporting competition—but Monday our national team shocked the world. Team USA overcame expectations and defeated Ghana 2-1 in a thrilling match, and now soccer fever is (finally) taking our nation by storm. The World Cup features 32 […]

It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where You Finish

It’s officially graduation season! During this time every year, hundreds of thousands of new graduates leave high school and college to begin a new phase of their lives—whether in a new city or a new career. This is a season of promise and anticipation. It is a time period where many young men and women […]

The PACE: How Mentally Tough Are You?

The 2014 NFL Draft starts this week and the players who will be selected by a professional team have been poked, prodded, measured and analyzed. They have run 40-yard dashes, trained extensively and shown off specific skill sets for their potential employers. They have taken the Wonderlic—a timed logic and reasoning test that is used to gauge […]