Why You Need a Pregame Ritual

Any leader can tell you that focus is imperative to success. And as the NBA Playoffs began last week, you’ll see that many coaches and players are already deep in concentration for the post season.   Someone who understands that amount of focus is Jason Terry of the Sacramento Kings. Terry is one of the most […]

How Coach K Overcomes Epic Wins (and Losses)

Ask anyone in the worlds of business or sports the most important qualities for success, and they’re likely to say “hard work” and “determination.” While no one can argue the importance of both of these two traits, they often tower over a value that I’ve learned can play as pivotal a role in sustaining success […]

A Team Effort Drives NASCAR’s Rick Hendrick to Victory Lane

Once a wide-eyed kid trying to sell his first car after hooking on at a dealership after college, Rick Hendrick has grown to become a legend in auto sales and racing. He’s also a testament to the human will for his ability to persevere through an unthinkable tragedy. It’s been three decades since Hendrick, 64, […]


In the span of nine months, Chuck Pagano was given the best news of his professional career and then struck with the most devastating news of his life. On Jan. 25, 2012, the Indianapolis Colts handed Pagano the reins of their rebuilding team and named him their head coach—his first top coaching job after almost […]

Lombardi Time

As the NFL Playoffs continue to take us further from the regular-season routine and closer to Super Bowl dreams, I can’t help but tap into my appreciation for the iconic figure who won the very first Super Bowl in NFL history. Back in January of 1967, Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Lombardi captured the […]

Through the Storm

There may not be a city in the country that knows more about perseverance than New Orleans. In

“Today, I’m Going to Pinch Myself”

Naturally, the holiday season takes our busy lifestyle and revs it into a new gear. We’ve pre-ordered this and re-ordered that… We’ve probably even started dropping hints to loved ones about a desired gift or two. But I want to urge you to reserve some of your time for pinching this holiday season. No, I’m […]