Chelsea Greenwood

Chelsea Greenwood
Chelsea Greenwood has been contributing to print and online publications as an editor and writer for more than 10 years. A University of Florida graduate, she is the editor of a lifestyle magazine in South Florida.

SUCCESS Foundation: Bright Futures

By Chelsea Greenwood | October 30, 2016

Ohio students find inspiration through SUCCESS for Teens.

SUCCESS Foundation: Virtual Connection

By Chelsea Greenwood | September 25, 2016

SUCCESS for Teens brings online students together in Ohio.

SUCCESS Foundation: One Vision

By Chelsea Greenwood | August 28, 2016

A Pennsylvania man combines hip-hop and SUCCESS for Teens to connect with students.

SUCCESS Foundation: Better With Age

By Chelsea Greenwood | July 31, 2016

A South Carolina man proves SUCCESS for Teens helps adults, too.

SUCCESS Foundation: On the Bright Side

By Chelsea Greenwood | June 26, 2016

SUCCESS for Teens cheers a South Carolina optimist club.

SUCCESS Foundation: Island Time

By Chelsea Greenwood | June 4, 2016

An entrepreneur brings SUCCESS for Teens to the Caribbean.

SUCCESS Foundation: Center Stage

By Chelsea Greenwood | April 30, 2016

SUCCESS for Teens inspires a California dance academy, teaching them the importance of positive energy.

SUCCESS Foundation: Total Transformation

By Chelsea Greenwood | April 2, 2016

A New Jersey student does a 180, thanks to SUCCESS for Teens.

SUCCESS Foundation: All the Right Notes

By Chelsea Greenwood | January 24, 2016

Donald Brazile of Texarkana, Texas, is a longtime SUCCESS reader, but he typically skips over one section in particular: this one. As a minister, he didn’t think that SUCCESS for Teens, a personal-development curriculum offered by the SUCCESS Foundation, was relevant to his occupation. “But while thumbing through a back issue, I finally read the…

How This Entrepreneur Found Her Niche in Arctic Adventures

By Chelsea Greenwood | January 23, 2016

‘We’re trying to bring people closer to places that seem inaccessible.’