‘Leadership Leads You to Be Overwhelmed. That’s Just a Fact of Life’

Contrary to what most people might think, the biggest obstacle to maintaining focus isn’t distractions. Interruptions, overscheduling, smartphones and the like are not solely to blame for a leader’s wandering attention and lack of effectiveness, says John Addison. No, the real problem is that leaders tend to focus on what interests them rather than on […]

Are You Giving Employees Permission to Speak Freely?

Hiring and keeping the right team players is tough—often because people don’t have what Anne Katherine, therapist and author of Boundaries Where You End and I Begin, calls good “boundary intelligence.” During the trial employment period, Katherine recommends giving new hires some boundary dilemmas and asking them how they’d handle each situation. Common boundary issues […]

T.D. Jakes: The Power to Let Go

It is not surprising that a preacher would say that one of the keys to listening to our instincts is forgiveness and letting go of past pain. T.D. Jakes wrote an entire book about it, the best-seller Let It Go: Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven. Jakes believes that when bad things happen, God has […]

5 Steps to Reframe Perspective When a Crisis Hits

When faced with a threat or a potentially upsetting situation, Mark Goulston says, we grasp for something that will reduce the tension or keep us from getting hurt. These self-defeating behaviors might bring short-term relief, but they invariably come back to haunt us. Then we curse ourselves for being stupid, foolish or weak, when in […]

The Business of Self-Esteem

About 10 years ago, I fell into the dumps. After I aired my grievances and bemoaned my crippled confidence to a friend, she said, “Amy, you were born with all the value you’re ever going to get.” She told me that no job, no relationship, no status, wealth or accolade could make me worth more. […]

Joel Osteen: Crossover King

I am sitting in the coveted front row of what used to be the Compaq Center, former home of the Houston Rockets. The stage is brilliant with multicolored lights. Guitarists, a bass player and other musicians in jeans are warming up. Three singers take the stage and the crowd of nearly 16,000 cheers as the […]

Lessons from the EDGE

In 2009, two audio engineering students in Nashville, Tenn., got an idea during a friend’s recital at a music college. After spending a bundle on a music education, the students’ parents would probably be willing to spend a few hundred dollars more for a quick, quality recording of their recitals, says then-sophomore Jake Jorgovan. “We […]

Profiles in Greatness: Frederick Douglass

Born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey in February 1818, the abolitionist, editor and civil rights leader later known as Frederick Douglass was the son of a slave named Harriet Bailey. They lived on Holmes Hill Farm on Maryland’s eastern shore, which was owned by Aaron Anthony. Douglass’s father was an unknown white man. At the age […]

The Plus Side of Google+

You may already be on Facebook and Twitter, but after a few months of existence, there are more

The Endless To-Do List

Your inbox is overflowing. You have three different to-do lists, including one on your mobil

Jog for Life

Think jogging is just for health nuts? Results from the Copenhagen City Heart Study have pro