Stay Connected—To Our Children, Not the Internet!

On the subway the other day I saw a couple with a fussy baby. He was bored and wiggling and squawking, and his father held onto him while his mother tried to pull up a game on her phone. In the meantime the baby became interested in the lights flashing past the window. Rather than […]

Difficult Conversation? Try It Again, This Time with Feeling

There’s an assertiveness technique that’s known by many names, but I know it as The Three F’s. The letters stand for Fact, Feeling and Future, and the technique is useful when you’re feeling too anxious to deal with someone about a subject that’s bothering you. Let’s say it’s the boss you need to deal with. […]

Take My Mantra, Please!

By the time my taxi reached the portico of the elegant colonial mansion where I’d be running an executive communication workshop with 40 international bankers, I’d chosen my mantra. I repeated it to myself as I bumped my drag bag up the broad front stairs. Inside the bag were 40 copies of my book on […]