Author Andrew Ferebee Explains Why Men Need Mentors and Coaches

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Men frequently do as much as they can on their own before realizing they need the help of a team of experienced coaches, a strong network of successful men and high-level training to attain their highest potential in their life and relationships. Wise men value their time and want to avoid years—if not decades—of uncertainty, wasted opportunities  and terrible, irrevocable mistakes by working with experienced trainers.

Most successful men seek the assistance of skilled coaches to achieve their goals faster and overcome obstacles that have kept them stuck for years, while those who have never tried coaching may notice that achieving their vision of success is taking longer than they’d like. This is a discrepancy Andrew Ferebee seeks to address.

Ferebee is the founder of Knowledge for Men, a personal development organization for men. He is also a skilled author and passionate podcaster notable for his eye-opening show, the Knowledge For Men podcast. His well-researched knowledge has earned him a spot as one of the top 150 podcasters on Spotify, with more than 10 million downloads of his content. Ferebee also published three books, including the Dating Playbook for Men and the Break Up Manual for Men.

Ferebee also runs one of the most comprehensive men’s coaching programs. With more than 25,000 attendees, the program held one of the largest free workshops on “Creating an Epic Relationship and Becoming a Stronger Grounded Man.” Ferebee believes that every man needs to have a mentor with whom he may share his experiences and learn how to become more successful.

“I offer a real solution that helps men in the modern world—in their life and relationships—while being strong, grounded men that women love and adore. In fact, many of the happy emails I get are from the wives and girlfriends of my clients,” Ferebee says.

Ferebee wants more men to appreciate the importance of having a team of skilled coaches on your side, which he says is a hidden edge that very few are aware exists. It enables men to overcome their obstacles and shave years off the learning curve, allowing them to do more in a year than most people can achieve in a decade.

Most successful entrepreneurs, athletes and celebrities have leveraged the power of expert coaching to attain their ambitious goals, according to Ferebee. If you want to overcome barriers and achieve more, you must accept that you’re unlikely to do it alone.

Ferebee aspires to continue significantly impacting men’s lives. The goal is to grow his audience and customer base, and reach more than a million monthly downloads of his podcast. Ferebee is determined to build the world’s largest coaching organization for men around the world. The author also hopes to publish additional books that challenge the status quo by providing men with real solutions and sharing the benefits of embracing their masculinity to create the life and relationships they desire.

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