Attorney Richard Corey Shares How To Actively Pursue Excellence


PUBLISHED: January 27, 2023
Attorney Richard Corey Shares How To Actively Pursue Excellence

What does it take to achieve excellence? Some may think excellence is a fleeting notion rarely achieved. Some believe it’s an unattainable goal that’s just not meant for them. Others may blame their environment and circumstances for their failure to achieve excellence.

In a world that often seems complacent and focused on just getting by, attorney Richard Corey challenges the status quo with an idea and a purpose.

At an early age, Corey turned his passion for negotiating into a successful career as an attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He currently represents entrepreneurs, national corporations and celebrities, among others, but also focuses on helping people achieve success by living purposefully. Corey’s trade name, Richard Corey Enterprise Law, is based on the idea that what we do is a “systematic purposeful activity,” which is one of the definitions of an enterprise. 

In his book, The Blueprint: Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Vision, Corey utilizes logical reasoning and universal truths to build a formula for accomplishing long-term and short-term goals. Just as a blueprint shapes and directs a building’s development, our blueprint provides a vision for the future and a direction toward accomplishment.

While creating this blueprint is essential, it is only the beginning. After all, without construction, a blueprint is nothing more than a drawing. Even though many people are paralyzed by the fear of failure and are willing to settle for less than their ideal existence, Corey is determined to help people change their mindset to believe that all things are possible—especially if they pursue excellence in everything they think, say and do.

Out of this determination, Corey created APE: “Actively Pursuing Excellence.” To execute the blueprint for our lives, we must take action to pursue excellence in everything we do. It is this intentionality and hard work which ultimately determine success. 

Corey continues to change lives by helping others discover their blueprint, stop settling and start actively pursuing excellence. 

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