How Ashley Gertz Overcame Adversity and Achieved Success with Northestar


PUBLISHED: June 26, 2023
Ashley Gertz

Ashley Gertz is a prime example of an inspiring entrepreneur who has found success. After getting her bachelor’s degree in early education in 2004, Gertz began selling clothes online and transitioned into product sales for a decade. In 2019, she entered the world of network marketing and quickly became a top earner at her first company. Despite making money for herself, Gertz felt something was missing.

Before finding success with Northestar, a health supplement company powered by its exclusive nootropic cognitive technology—thermobutyrate supplement formulations designed for both men and women—she had encountered numerous challenges and roadblocks within the network marketing industry. Gertz felt her voice wasn’t being heard, and that she was unable to help others reach their goals. She was making money, but her team wasn’t seeing the same success.

She persevered through several ups and downs until finally being approached by Northestar to become one of its founding affiliates. Northestar provided the support needed to help her reach her goals. With the corporate team listening to top leaders and masses alike, she felt appreciated and heard. The company’s compensation plan allowed her team to earn weekly. Northestar also offered the exact product Gertz had been searching for: a tool to help her lose weight. Since then, she’s worked tirelessly to build her business into what it is today while also fulfilling her passion: helping people realize that many of life’s obstacles can be overcome if they’re willing to put in the work.

Gertz’s vision for the future is clear—she hopes to continue expanding her knowledge and outreach in the years to come, and stay with Northestar, no matter what other opportunities may arise. “I see the vision here at Northestar; I know where we are going. Our foundation is solid, and I know this is where I’m supposed to be,” Gertz explains. She’s found her place within network marketing, and continued success is the only thing on the horizon.

Her advice to someone looking for financial stability and freedom is to never give up, and to be unafraid of failure. “I’ve had it all, I’ve lost it all, and I want others to know that just because you get knocked down doesn’t mean you can’t get back up and elevate higher than before,” Gertz says. She also encourages those who want to reach the level she’s at to put in the work and invest in their products. “You have to be a product of the product!” she says.

Gertz especially wants to thank all those who supported her during her journey. “I want to express my deepest gratitude to my loving family, my trusted team known as ‘The Movement’ and all the incredible people at Northestar who have been instrumental in helping me reach a level of success I never would have dreamed of at the beginning of my career,” she says.

If you are an entrepreneur or network marketer looking for a way to grow your business, connect with Ashley Gertz on Facebook or Instagram and start learning how Northestar can help you.

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