Allee Cyrus Empowers Women Entrepreneurs with RUYA Media


PUBLISHED: July 12, 2023
Allee Cyrus, founder and CEO of RUYA Media

In today’s digital age, businesses must navigate a crowded online landscape to succeed. The competition is fierce, and standing out can be particularly challenging for rising women entrepreneurs in a predominantly male-dominated space. However, there is one such entrepreneur in the marketing industry who aims to empower women-owned businesses and help them achieve their goals. Meet Allee Cyrus, the founder and CEO of RUYA Media, a full-service agency specializing in marketing and creative strategy, innovative sales funnels and ad management.

RUYA Media’s marketing approach focuses on empowering women-owned businesses. Cyrus, the leader behind this agency, has a strong belief in the power of digital marketing in today’s market and its ability to foster charismatic connections when done correctly. “My life’s North Star is to heal and inspire others by helping them see themselves and be seen by others. Your gifts need to be found by the world—marketing uncovers them,” she says. This philosophy guides RUYA Media’s progress and future.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky, she caught the attention of the marketing world while working at Coca-Cola, when one of her campaigns went viral. Encouraged by her executive at Coca-Cola to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams, Cyrus enrolled at Draper University in San Francisco, where she immersed herself in the world of technology, coding and networking with successful entrepreneurs.

After the acquisition of her first company by another tech startup, Cyrus discovered her passion for helping other businesses succeed in their marketing efforts. This realization led her to found RUYA Media. “RUYA,” meaning “vision” in Arabic, encapsulates the agency’s mission to help businesses gain a clear vision of their brand. With a focus on women-owned businesses in information and education, RUYA Media provides tailored services to meet the needs of these enterprises as they scale.

Cyrus’ personal growth and expertise have played a pivotal role in establishing RUYA Media’s place in the marketing industry. Throughout her career, Cyrus has embraced the ever-evolving nature of the digital landscape. She believes in customizing marketing solutions because every business is unique in some way. This mindset is reflected in RUYA Media’s strategies and solutions. Cyrus and her team are constantly exploring new trends, technologies and tactics to ensure their clients’ success.

RUYA Media offers services including ad management, launches and evergreen funnels. Ad management utilizes strategies that help businesses reach a customer base. The launch service assists businesses in creating compelling sales cycles and turning them into sales. Evergreen funnels engage existing and potential customers through organic and paid marketing to capture leads, nurture relationships and grow revenue.

The success stories of the businesses that have partnered with RUYA Media speak for themselves. From increasing brand awareness to driving sales and nurturing customer relationships, RUYA Media has proven to be a trusted partner in every step of the marketing journey. And RUYA Media’s impact extends beyond the businesses it is working with. The agency aims to contribute to closing the gender gap and promote diversity and inclusion in the business landscape.

Cyrus and RUYA Media are empowering women entrepreneurs and helping them succeed through targeted strategies. Cyrus’ expertise and commitment to inspiring others have shaped RUYA Media’s mission. Under Cyrus’ passionate leadership, this agency is helping businesses transform their approach to marketing in the digital age.

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