Alexander Spellane Is One of America’s Youngest Gold Experts


PUBLISHED: August 30, 2022
Alexander Spellane Is One of America’s Youngest Gold Expert 

Numerous investment channels have made their way into mainstream financial markets such as crypto and non-fungible tokens. These digital investments are gradually beating the popularity of traditional stocks and even real estate. However, investment in precious metals such as gold is still the show-stopper in terms of less volatility and promising returns. The recession of 2008 and 2009 has shown the world the downside of financial markets. It was a huge concern for retired people who were entirely dependent on the market trends to survive. For younger generations, this was around the time when precious metals reemerged as a secured form of investment offering good returns irrespective of market risks or fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

Alexander Spellane is a reputed name in the precious metal industry in the U.S. He has been helping people take control of their finances with his company Fisher Capital. With a long-standing reputation, Fisher Capital is currently one of the fastest-growing precious metals retailers in America. Started by Spellane and a group of veterans, the company is known for offering end-to-end services from consultation to setup in precious metals investment. The focus of the company has always been to guide first-time buyers or investors and also those looking forward to financial security post-retirement.

Fisher Capital is among the best-reviewed precious metal retailers across renowned online platforms such as TrustPilot and Google. This is because the company has always stayed true to its value of educating clients on their options in precious metals. As the present CEO of Fisher Capital, Spellane has been driving the company to reach new heights, processing millions in precious metals transactions monthly. At almost 30, Spellane earned his first million, though he never attended college. He is now a seasoned entrepreneur in financial sales with no formal degree.

Spellane started his career with a 9-to-5 job in the sales industry only to support his passion for music. He knew precious metals from a young age as his father used to collect unique coins. He leveraged his knowledge of precious metals to excel in his job, which he did. Since then, Spellane fell in love with the sales industry and quit his music career to focus on precious metals. His expertise in exclusive bullion coins eventually scaled up Fisher Capital to become a trusted leader in the industry. Many of the products offered by Fisher Capital include coins that are highly sought-after assets in limited mintage and are rarely available in the open market of precious metals.

The business model at Fisher Capital is quite simple. The company generates revenue by sourcing precious metals at wholesale cost and then selling them at retail. Starting with a team of five in Beverly Hills, the company has continued plans for expansion and has hired more than 50 employees. Recently, Fisher Capital took over the New York Times office in Los Angeles to accommodate the growing team. Founded by a group of veterans who are equally knowledgeable and passionate about precious metals, it was obvious for Fisher Capital to scale new heights every year.

Besides offering impeccable services to the clients, Spellane has also focused on modern marketing tools to boost the growth of Fisher Capital. Advertising on social media, conservative outlets, and radio stations have attracted numerous customers as well as referrals from existing customers who are highly satisfied investing with Fisher Capital. Creating a competent team to carry out key management responsibilities was a huge challenge for Spellane. He overcame it by hiring people who match his level of passion and enthusiasm for precious metals.

After years of hard work and leadership, Spellane is now content to see the team flourish. Everyone at Fisher Capital who fell in love with the process managed to build a solid career in the precious metal industry. Spellane believes that serving clients alone cannot lead to the full-fledged growth of the company. It also needs the strong support of the community or the team working behind it.

Building strong work ethics by maintaining discipline at work has helped Spellane scale up the productivity level at Fisher Capital, which in return, brought success to the company. According to Spellane, a leader should never ask his team to do something that he is not capable of doing. Practicing empathy and understanding has been the pillars of team building at Fisher Capital. Investing in people and understanding their strengths and weaknesses, rather than only focusing on process, has helped him replicate success. He also knows that money doesn’t discriminate against anyone. It comes to those who work hard and also to those who make good financial decisions. This principle has benefitted both employees and clients at Fisher Capital.

Regarding investment strategies, Spellane feels that everyone should set both short- and long-term investment goals. It is also necessary to make progress physically and mentally to achieve these goals. Setting short- and long-term goals will minimize the chances of risk, as a person who might be failing to achieve one goal can benefit from the other. This doesn’t mean Spellane has not failed in life. He incurred heavy losses in crypto investment during the early phase of his career, which he has not yet recovered. However, he used this experience to boost his confidence in precious metals, leading Fisher Capital to continued success.

Spellane is deeply inspired by the Bible and attributes his success to the life skills he learned from it. He believes that nothing can beat hard work, and great sacrifices only bring greater rewards. As someone who practices gratitude daily, Spellane never hesitates to appreciate the hard work of his team in scaling up Fisher Capital to its current position. Considering the growth the company has achieved so far, Spellane is looking forward to making Fisher Capital the No. 1 precious metals company in the U.S.

Fisher Capital works with accredited investors who are always looking for ways to diversify their investment portfolios. From offering an exclusive collection of bullion coins to professional expertise for new investors, Fisher Capital leaves no stone unturned to cater to any client needs. The company has truly managed to stand out from its competitors in the industry by mentoring clients on ways to take control of their finances while identifying their individual goals. Spellane personally coaches his team to help manage client expectations and assure all clients are educated on all of the options available in the precious metal market. He will continue to do so to help people in retirement regain peace of mind.

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