9 Traits of Trustworthy People

UPDATED: September 13, 2023
PUBLISHED: January 22, 2023
woman talking to trustworthy person

Trust is valuable. It affects everything. Being a trustworthy person is one of those things which is necessary in order to go far in life and to achieve your greatest success.

Before starting my own company, I worked in the security and investigations industry for 20 years, and I learned that trust isn’t something you can gain quickly. It’s something earned over a period of time, after consistently being honest, always acting with integrity and never misleading those around you. It is how you act. It is who you are.

What makes a person trustworthy?

If you want to be a person other people trust, take a look at the decisions you make on a daily basis, and then consider these nine traits of trustworthy people. Do you have them? Can people trust you?

1. They are authentic.

People want to be around others that are real, those who are authentic and of good character. Authentic people are not trying to be above anyone else. They are likeable, humble and easy to talk to.

2. They are consistent.

Everyone has bad days. But people want to see consistent, positive behavior in the people they trust. Our actions and decisions make a difference in the eyes of others. 

3. A trustworthy person has integrity.

People want those around them to stand up for what is right in life, even when no one is watching.

4. They are compassionate.

Trustworthy people put themselves in other people’s shoes. They are always thinking of and feeling for others—it’s not all about them.

5. They are kind.

People build up trust when they look out for others. Trustworthy people are there when someone needs them the most—not just when everything is going OK. 

6. A trustworthy person is resourceful.

Trusted people are always learning and growing. They are constant students. They always know there is room to get better, and because of that, they know ways to help inspire and support others—and they give and share those resources.

7. They are connectors.

They look for ways to align like-minded people, and they connect people who have the knowledge or experience to help them get what they want.

8. They are humble.

Trustworthy people want to get others out there first, before themselves. They realize that the efforts of the team are what really make things happen, versus what they can accomplish individually. 

9. A trustworthy person is available.

They are there for people, available to offer support in whatever way they are needed. They go out of their way to make time for others when their help is requested. 

This article was published in November 2015 and has been updated. Photo by Ground Picture/Shutterstock


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