9 Tips for Overcoming Setbacks from 9 Resilient Entrepreneurs

UPDATED: May 20, 2024
PUBLISHED: July 19, 2021
9 Tips for Overcoming Setbacks from 9 Resilient Entrepreneurs

Remember the lows don’t last.

As an entrepreneur, there are always setbacks and challenges. I try to remember the lows don’t last (and neither do the highs). Dealing with both is part of the journey and what makes growing a company so exciting. 

—Ann Noder, CEO and founder of Pitch Public Relations

Align with your values.

I have a keen sense of injustice, and rightly or wrongly I interpret most setbacks as a personal affront. Invariably someone has not acted properly, something is rotten in Denmark, and I can’t rest easy until the world has been set to rights.

—Jenette Goldstein is founder and CEO of Jenette Bras 

Practice gratitude.

As a Jewish-Iranian immigrant, I realize the amazing opportunities this country has given me that I would not have had in Iran. I see the sacrifice my parents made to leave everything and bring their children here. That gives me an insane drive to succeed so that I can make a meaningful impact.

—Sheila Nazarian, CEO of Nazarian Plastic Surgery

Change your perspective.

I’ve learned to approach my business from a healthy place: I want vs. I need; I’m choosing to do something vs. I have to do something.

—Tiana Laurence, partner at Laurence Innovation

Focus on just the next step.

I stay motivated by concentrating only on the next step in front of me instead of the 1,000 steps to the finish line. Every step is a small victory.

—Avery Carl, CEO and founder of The Short Term Shop

Know that hard means it’s worth it.

When I’m struggling with something, it’s a sign that I am stretching myself. What pushes me to keep going is the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge. I think about hills in cycling—if it’s not hard, you’re going downhill.

—Haggai Levi, CEO of SetSail

Avoid shortcuts.

I learned something very valuable from some engineers I work with: Never take a shortcut around a roadblock. My motivation to push past setbacks lies in knowing that if I can understand the root of the issue, I can move past it wholly versus solving it for the short term. 

—Gerald Wluka, CEO of Compilerworks

Find your takeaways.

Knowing that I am solving a problem with a solution many people will benefit from. Whenever I experience a setback, I try to learn from it and use the key takeaways as motivation to move forward and push through. 

—Rune Hauge, co-founder and CEO of Mentorcam

Shift your perspective

I like to think about setbacks as road construction that takes you on a detour. When I take a detour, or hit a setback, I learn a new route to my destination and I acquire a whole a new perspective.

—Chelsie Kugler, vice president of business development at CFOshare

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2021 issue of SUCCESS magazine.
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