9 Apps That Will Help You Prioritize Your Life

UPDATED: August 15, 2018
PUBLISHED: August 31, 2017
10 Apps That Will Help You Prioritize Your Life

You’ve been putting off your to-do list for hours, days or maybe even weeks. You feel stressed just looking at it. The time is now. Use these apps to start crossing things off—don’t wait another minute.

fabulous_motivateme.png1. Fabulous: Motivate Me!


Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab invented this app, which helps motivate you to build healthy habits into your life. If you’re trying to wake up earlier, lose weight or train for a marathon, download this app.

forest2. Forest: Stay Focused, Be Present


Open this app and plant a virtual seed. It will grow during a timeframe of 10 to 120 minutes. If you exit the app during the timeframe you set to use another app like Facebook or Snapchat, the tree will die.

self_motivation.png3. Self Motivation

Android only

Need a quick burst of inspiration? Download this app to get fast tips for motivation—such as “The Powers of a Positive Attitude”—and share them with friends.

wakie.jpg4. Wakie


With this app, you can develop or grow any skill on your radar with a person you’re matched with anywhere in the world. For example, you can create a subject, such as “I want to speak French with a native speaker,” and Wakie will dial you into a phone call with someone interested in your topic.

get_shit_done.png5. Get Sh*t Done

Android only

If you’re struggling to get anything in your life done, download this app. Set a goal for yourself with a deadline attached to it (and subgoals if you have a monumental task) and then a reward for yourself once you achieve the goal. Through colorful motivational language, the app will keep you on track.

habitica.png6. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks


Gamify your motivation with Habitica. Input your habits, goals and to-do list, and create an avatar to represent yourself. As you make progress on your tasks and habits, your avatar will get access to features such as quests, pets and armor.

habitica.png7. HabitBull

Android only

Track your habits with this comprehensive app. Set up a habit, tell the app how you fared for one day, and watch as your streak slowly increases. It’s applicable to any habit—from spending less time on Facebook to quitting smoking.

8. Productivity Challenge Timer


This app is not for the faint of heart. Input your goal or current project, such as “Finish GED Thesis,” input how much work you put into it on any given day, and the app will rank you and give you stats as you progress. Everyone starts out as an “unrepentant slacker” and slowly works their way up to a more prestigious rank.

wakie.jpg9. Shuffle My Life


Some of us need a change in scenery or action to motivate us. If you’re of this mindset, Shuffle My Life is for you. The app will share various new tasks for you to do based on the weather, season, time of day and your location. Tasks include things like go for a walk outside, find someone with the same name and send him or her a message and visit a drive-in theater.

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