4 Steps to Becoming Internet Famous

Whatever your specialization, you can enhance your authority as an expert via online sharing. These methods have worked for me.

1. Write a blog. Post at least one thoughtful article each week on a subject helpful to your readers. You may soon be invited (or you can offer) to contribute to other blogs, thereby expanding your audience.

2. Offer a newsletter. Compile a monthly or weekly email with tips, article links, event announcements and exclusive offers, and send it to your mailing list.

3. Write guest columns. When you contribute to online news hubs, you increase your audience, attracting more eyeballs to your blog or newsletter.

4. Tweet. Often. Post something that interests you on Twitter several times a day. Others will catch on.

Whatever online methods you choose, be sure to refresh your content regularly.

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Jessica Krampe is the digital managing editor for SUCCESS.com. A graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, Jessica has worked for news, entertainment, business and lifestyle publications. Outside of the daily grind, she enjoys happy hours, live music and traveling.

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