3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Relationships

UPDATED: May 27, 2024
PUBLISHED: June 23, 2016

Q: Sometimes I feel like I take people for granted. How can I get the most out of my relationships?

A: Following are the three major components to getting the most out of your relationships:

1. Be strategic.

Many times people think just showing up for relationships is all that matters. I have learned that being more strategic about what you want from relationships will set you up for success. Be more thoughtful about why you want something out of a relationship and how you can get the results you want. Don’t forget: A big piece is also ensuring others get what they want.

2. Be intentional.

Having a strategy doesn’t matter if you don’t put it into action. Being intentional about your relationships means scheduling time for others, knowing what matters to them and doing those things.

3. Be disciplined.

Start by being clear on the roles (e.g., colleague, friend or customer), and then make sure you take action to enrich, support and create wins for those you have relationships with.

The bottom line? Rich relationships will lead to a richer life.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

Tony Jeary

Tony Jeary is an author, executive coach and presentation strategist. Jeary has published more than three dozen books about making presentations and strategic effectiveness. He coaches the world's top executives from companies such as Wal-Mart, Ford, New York Life and Texaco.