3 Tips for Scheduling Social Media

UPDATED: March 26, 2014
PUBLISHED: March 26, 2014

Each time you log onto Facebook or Twitter, it always takes longer than you think it will to conjure up the perfect post or tweet to promote your business. By scheduling social posts using tools such as HootSuite, you can save time and coordinate across your networks. Here are three tips to effectively schedule social media posts:

➻ Spread your messages throughout the day by varying the post times to reach a wider range of people. If you schedule everything for 10 a.m., your posts will only be read by people online in the morning.

➻ Make sure that all posts are still appropriate. If something changes that will affect your post, make sure you modify the content before it is published.

➻ Remember to engage with followers, especially those sharing your content. Log in regularly to respond to tweets and posts. Without two-way communication, you lose much of the value of social media.

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