Top 13 Mindful Brands Making a Difference in 2022


PUBLISHED: June 29, 2022

Out of the ashes of a pandemic, people are rising up and shifting their mindset toward a more conscious alignment with the planet. 

Terms like heart-centered approach, self-love, sustainability, and health and wellness are now taking precedence over glass ceiling, profit and success.  

The players at the forefront of this change believe that in order to drive the latter, they first must adhere to the former. That’s why businesses and programs are now coming from a place of love, kindness and selflessness. 

It’s not just a publicity stunt either. The entrepreneurs driving the change all practice what they preach—advocating journaling, meditation and expressing gratitude. 

These are the top 13 mindful brands making a difference in 2022:

Top 13 Mindful Brands Making a Difference in 2022

1. Mark Groves’ Create The Love brand attracts humans ready to explore connections. 

Create the Love, founded by Mark Groves, is a one-stop shop for courses and coaching. His title is human connections specialist, and Groves is said to be an “emotional translator, empowering people to give words to their feelings.” 

As the star of the Create the Love brand, Groves’ roles include speaker, writer, motivator, creator, connector, and collaborator as well as podcast host. He comes at connection from all angles and serves as a bridge for others to explore their feelings, experiences and relationships.

Create the Love courses include topics on relationships, boundaries, breakups, money and codependency, among others. 

Groves’ Create the Love Instagram page has more than 1 million followers, and his purpose is described as “empowering individuals to step into their power and transform the way they relate to themselves and others.” His message is authentic, uplifting and thought-provoking. You can find the Mark Groves Podcast on major platforms.

2. Charlie Rocket’s 2022 Dream Machine tour is making dreams come true.

At the top of his game in the hip hop music industry, Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley was an entrepreneur, Grammy winner and music manager for 2Chainz, Travis Porter and Yung Dog. 

In 2017, diagnosed with a brain tumor and weighing 300 pounds, he left the music industry to regain his health and pursue his dream of becoming an athlete. Within 18 months, he was healthier, running marathons, competing in Iron Mans, biking across America and down 135 pounds. 

Rocket launched his Dream Machine Tour to make others’ dreams come true. Through pure acts of kindness, and using his own funding, he has saved families from eviction, paid off mortgages and donated cars. He has been able to continue his work through charitable contributions.   

Rocket’s story is good for the soul and sure to make you smile. To learn more about his 2022 Dream Machine Tour, visit Rocket’s Instagram page.

3. Lady Ease Feminine Skincare is revolutionizing the way women combat vaginal dryness.

Sheila Adel, Founder of Lady Ease Feminine Skincare, is revolutionizing the way women of all ages and backgrounds care for their most sacred body part. The Lady Ease luxurious skincare collection created by Adel is a solution to her own journey with vaginal dryness and an answer to the call of women across the world needing guidance on healthy skin care rituals for the most neglected area of the feminine physique. 

After 30 years dedicated to a career as an engineer and research manager, Adel left the field to put her skills to work formulating a feminine skincare line using only the highest quality, organic ingredients to combat vaginal dryness and help women experience pleasure and confidence in their own skin. 

Adel’s Lady Ease lab-tested, irritant-free products—Lady Ease VM Oil, VM Cream, and VM Serum—are the essential feminine tools providing comfort and peace of mind for millions of women. 

4. MONQ® portable aromatherapy diffusers spread wellness and wisdom worldwide.

Aromatherapy that fits in your pocket? MONQ® is the health and wellness lifestyle brand that every mindful person should know about. Eric Fishman, MD, founded MONQ to spread worldwide wellness and wisdom by giving users a simple and portable tool that delivers terpenes, natural compounds released by plants, that our bodies yearn for.

Humans evolved to breathe these terpenes, but many of us who live in cities are starved for the balancing and calming effect of these powerful aromas. MONQ’s portable personal diffusers deliver wellness boosting Therapeutic Air®—it’s aromatherapy on the go!

Terpenes synergize with the physiological benefits offered by CBD producing amazing results. MONQ’s pairing of CBD with high quality essential oils can help users unwind or focus.

As we attempt to reconnect to the aromatherapy of the natural world, Eric Fishman, MD, and his mindful brand, MONQ, is one to lean on.

5. Jeremy Hoffmann is cultivating connection and change through alternate planes of reality.

Jeremy Hoffmann is the CEO and founder of Oasis Adaptogens and Aligned Earth Org. These are his fifth and sixth businesses in the health and consciousness industries. 

Hoffmann is a leading authority on facilitating personal transformation through breathwork, meditation, and conscious practices and is driven by world change. He is fascinated with the convergence of emerging technologies, science and consciousness. 

He designs products, programs and businesses that cultivate states of connection and change through the physical, emotional, mental and virtual planes of reality. As an impact entrepreneur that only builds and invests in companies that support world change, Hoffmann adheres to a “value first, profile second” model. 

Oasis Adaptogens’ is a functional wellness company that specializes in adaptogenic coffee alternatives. Oasis Adaptogens’ Not Coffee has a vision to “help the world remember harmony through natural solutions,” while Hoffmann believes that by bridging the spiritual world and business world reminds humanity to just “be yourself.”

Top 13 Mindful Brands Making a Difference in 2022

6. Meet the founder of The Fit In, Ife Obi, who’s breaking down the science of diversity to better her community.

The historic Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, once hailed as a “fitness desert,” is now turning into a boutique fitness haven thanks to Ife Obi, the founder and chief marketing officer of The Fit In

With more than 15 years of in-house experience working with significant entertainment, consumer products and service brands, the Nigerian-American started her career as a marketing professional. 

After falling in love with fitness, the ambitious creative decided to combine her passion for health and marketing into one.

In 2018, the certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor opened her boutique chain of fitness studios in Brooklyn.

There, Ife Obi aims to make training accessible—where the diverse community can receive training from knowledgeable, supportive instructors that look like them.

The hands-on leader also opened a shop at The Fit In, which provides access to health and fitness-related products.

7. Rich Tu is a DEI industry leader and community builder.

First generation Filipino-American Rich Tu is an award-winning artist and creative director residing in New York City, where he is currently group creative director at Jones Knowles Ritchie. 

As a futurist with an eclectic background, he has designed footwear with Nike, disrupted automotive tradition with MINI and created digital-first experiences for MTV—where he served as VP of brand design and VP of digital design for their house of brands.

Rich has been an industry leader in diversity, equity and inclusion, with a passion for community-building. He hosts the Webby Honoree podcast First Generation Burden, which focuses on intersectionality and diversity within the creative industry, and is the co-founder of the COLORFUL grant with the One Club, dedicated to creating opportunities for early stage BIPOC creatives.

Rich’s work has been recognized by a plethora of elite awards panels, including the Webby Awards, Telly Awards, and American Illustration. He is the recipient of the Paul Manship Medallion from the prestigious Art Directors Club.

8. Valinda Voogt, founder of Green and Happy Mom, teaches people how to be one with nature.

Today our engine of modern civilisation has nearly turned off, but with a fighting chance to save our earth from climate change, more and more people, organizations and leaders are taking a stand to transform our lifestyle into a more eco-friendly one. 

One individual who is making a difference is Netherlands-born Valinda Voogt. After experiencing the miracle of motherhood, Voogt made it her mission to make the world a better place.

In 2018, she started her own business Green and Happy Mom, and the Green and Happy Shop, where she posts and shares a wealth of knowledge on living a healthier, greener life.

On her YouTube channel, Voogt talks openly about juggling life as a mother whilst running her successful business and sharing renewable tips and tricks that cover topics ranging from lifestyle essentials and household items to parenting products. 

9. BabbleOnBrooke is the hype girl whose life-enhancing mindset skills help entrepreneurs stand out.

Hype girl BabbleOnBrooke loves inspiring others and showing how absolutely anything is possible. The term stands for “Keep Going,” and that’s essentially what Brooke preaches to her clients.

If you want a hype girl in your corner, call Brooke! 

She is the founder of Stand Out Online Academy as well as being an international award-winning host, dynamic and entertaining motivational speaker, former actor, Fortune 500 spokesperson and coach. 

She blends her entertainment background with life-enhancing mindset skills to help entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations communicate effectively, all while amplifying their voices.

In addition to being a proud advocate for those with invisible disabilities, she has been featured on NBC, CBS, HGTV and MTV with her motto in life being “When you wake up breathing, it’s a good day!” 

Brooke hosts the “The Inspiration Station” on Twitter. 

Top 13 Mindful Brands Making a Difference in 2022

10. Founder and inventor of MaskIT® Shallan Ramsey is disrupting complacency with innovation.

In 2012, Shallan Ramsey had a moment of frustration—sparking inspiration. Two arduous years later, her innovation would revolutionize menstrual item disposal forever.

Manufactured in the U.S., MaskIT produces sanitary disposal bags from a pure plant-based biofilm that uses a patented glove-like protection system. It was so successful that MaskIT grew into a recognized brand in B2B and B2C markets.

In 2016, Ramsey was named on Axial’s Growth 100 List as one of the best and brightest CEOs in the middle market nationwide, and was the recipient of the 2019 Game Changer Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Award by Oregon Entrepreneur Network. 

Today, MaskIT is used by menstruators nationwide and has been adopted by airports, universities, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants and more. 

MaskIT has also partnered with OneTreePlanted, where a new tree is sowed every time their product sells.

11. Transformational mindset coach James Peters is here to ignite your purpose, conquer past adversities and master your emotions. 

Certified Jay Shetty Transformational Mindset Coach James Peters is a beacon of hope for people navigating through the dark times of life’s journey.

After suffering the loss of a father and son within six months of each other, James found himself tumbling down a darkened tunnel—being diagnosed with PTSD and drowning in medication.  

Today, the knight who fought single combat on behalf of his past adversities has completely transformed from his previous self. 

With no medication, therapist, psychoanalysis and no trace of depression in sight, James Peters now devotes his life to helping others achieve the same result.

Through his rediscovery of self program, James helps people bounce forward from trauma and motivates them through their negative emotions to rediscover their passion, purpose and joy for life.

Get back up by downloading James’s free guide: 5 Reasons Why Negative Emotions Stop You and How to Fix It Fast

12. Meet Minsun Kim, the mastermind behind Ponyflo, the fastest growing headwear brand in women’s sports and activewear. 

Minsun Kim is the creative director and founder of Ponyflo, a headwear brand that produces the best-fitting workout hats for women. 

Kim would often struggle to find a hat to accommodate her ponytail as a running enthusiast. Instead, she would often throw on a baseball hat that soon became uncomfortable and cumbersome during her workouts. 

Having studied industrial design and worked as a design strategist for Samsung electronics, Kim decided to assemble a solution. 

After multiple prototypes, the final product was a raging success. Ponyflo’s hats are made with the highest performance fabrics. They contain UV protection treatments, and are patented with Elastafit-Secure to ensure the hat stays on your head and never tangles your hair.

Snap on the cap and go with Ponyflo—the first baseball hat that a woman designed for women. 

13. Where passion meets travel: Here’s how Chelsea Glass is revolutionizing the way travelers experience Latin America. 

With a desire to challenge the myths and misconceptions associated with Latin America, entrepreneur Chelsea Glass founded a revolutionary travel agency called Heart of Travel.

Heart of Travel is a female-powered business born of a deep-rooted passion for travel, history, culture and adventure. Through the company, Glass works alongside locals to highlight the beauty of Latin America, while making a difference in nearby communities. 

Glass does this by providing a platform for individuals and small businesses to share their stories, creating sustainable and dignified employment opportunities and showcasing the vibrancy of local communities.

Prior to founding Heart of Travel, Glass pursued her post-graduate studies in Spanish at CSU Sacramento, later becoming a skilled language instructor. 

In 2021, Glass and her team launched an online Spanish language program, and today her team offers tailored Spanish Immersion Trips where travelers practice their Spanish, embark on interactive tours and engage in conversation with native speakers. 

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