11 Women Changing the Social Media Marketing Landscape in 2023

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PUBLISHED: December 20, 2022
11 Women Changing the Social Media Marketing Landscape in 2023

In recent years, we have witnessed online entrepreneurs taking more control of their target audiences across social media. This shift has seen more female business owners making big moves with social media marketing and community building, which has resulted in better brand transparency and more authentic advertising campaigns.

One of the women making waves across the digital world is Amy Porterfield. Having built a multimillion-dollar company selling online courses, she now shows others how to create and market their own online training materials and has changed the lives of countless entrepreneurs and educators across the globe.

Porterfield doesn’t stand alone, with increasing numbers of female entrepreneurs stepping up to redefine the social media marketing landscape. Ahead of 2023, we asked 11 of them to share their advice about online marketing success.

Heather Marianna: Add value

The founder of Beauty Brand Coaching, Heather Marianna, has helped more than 1,000 brands launch products by utilizing her private-label skincare labs. She is the chairwoman of the publicly traded company Marianna Naturals, the founder and CEO of Beauty Kitchen and has been featured on TV and in press articles.

Marianna believes that in 2023, people will no longer buy a product or service simply because a social media post tells them to. “We need to focus more on informational marketing that adds value to the people seeing our content,” she says. “Stay consistent, add value and show people why your product stands out.”

Sophie Zollmann: Don’t spread yourself thin

As the owner and founder of SophieZo Next Level Business Support, Sophie Zollmann has helped coaches and service providers with a net worth of $500,000 grow with her next-level marketing and management services.

Since social media will continue to evolve in 2023, Zollmann recommends focusing on platforms where you can easily find your audience. She says: “Focus on showing up as your authentic self in all the content you share and create relationships through the additional step of personal outreach.”

Danelle Delgado: Understand your audience

Often referred to as the “millionaire maker,” Danelle Delgado is the bestselling author of the book I Choose Joy and the founder of a successful training academy that teaches entrepreneurs how to scale their companies.

Delgado says that getting attention is more than just posting the same content on multiple sites. “Show how much you know about your ideal audience; serve their needs in a way that proves your knowledge of the individual platforms,” she says. “This is where creators have mastered something advertisers cannot: true service of what’s needed most.”

Renée McDonald: Pay attention to emerging trends

Renée McDonald wears many hats. Aside from being a professional coach, she’s also a clinical counselor, clinical psychotherapist and accredited clinical supervisor. With a career spanning over two decades, McDonald has mentored thousands through her training company Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT).

McDonald believes 2023 will be a year of decentralization, with social media users moving away from Facebook and Google to smaller platforms. “My advice for entrepreneurs is to pay close attention to these trends,” she says, adding that the entrepreneurs who support each other will get ahead next year.

Raj Girn: Leverage technology to build relationships

Raj Girn has been working as a media and events founder for more than 20 years. She was recognized by the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce with the Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2013, and has interviewed many celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Robin Sharma. At The Open Chest Confidence Academy, she uses her extensive expertise to build authority for C-suite executives and subject matter experts through her lessons on branding, marketing and holistic leadership.

Girn says the juxtaposition of technological advancements and holistic lifestyles in the marketing industry will continue in 2023. “This is a massive opportunity to leverage technology to build relationships,” she says. “The need to belong is the greatest conversion strategy of all time.”

Moon Maison: Create meaningful content

Moon Maison goes by the nicknames Goddess of Love and World’s Sexiest Life Coach. The model and influencer helps many C-level individuals create high-vibe relationships by embracing their inner sexual energy and attuning them to the spiritual element of love.

Maison believes that growing audiences will continue to be challenging in the new year. “Content is king,” she says. “We must focus on creating more meaningful, long-form content, and doing what comes naturally is the best place to start.”

Blair Kaplan Venables: Embrace authentic marketing

When it comes to marketing, Blair Kaplan Venables says she’s been “learning lessons the hard way, so you don’t have to.” Today, she uses her nearly 15 years of experience to empower entrepreneurs with global wellness, entertainment and lifestyle brands to win clients.

According to Kaplan Venables, 2023 will see social media shift from being a selling platform to being a community filled with authentic storytelling. “People need to get comfortable opening up and leaning into being vulnerable. By sharing what fuels their ‘why.’ If you want to be seen as a thought leader, social media is a brilliant place to start,” she says.

Angelina Lawton: Target millennials and Generation Z

Named one of “The Most Powerful Women in U.S. Sports” by Forbes in 2018, Angelina Lawton has combined her passion for sports, branding and technology to start Sportsdigita. Having partnered with more than 450 clients, her company is disrupting the sports industry with its groundbreaking interactive presentation platform, DIGIDECK.

Lawton believes that brands will continue to leverage influencer marketing channels such as TikTok and Instagram in 2023, with millennials and Gen Zers making more household purchasing decisions. “Smart companies should already be building brand loyalty by engaging this audience to prepare for the future,” she says.

Jessi Penner: Followers are great, but buyers are better

Jessi Penner is the founder and visionary behind Fixe Beauty, one of the world’s fastest-growing eyelash extension academies selling online courses and e-commerce products. Using her proven methods, she shows entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses through digital marketing, traffic and conversion.

According to Penner, marketing success isn’t just about the number of followers you have. It’s about strategy: positioning your business, brand and offerings while never losing sight of your buyer. She says, “It’s one thing to have a strong social media presence, but it’s a game changer when you know how to convert those followers into millions of dollars.”

Stefanie Bruns: Focus on intent

The founder and CEO of BusinessFlowAcademy, Stefanie Bruns, helps high performers increase their energy and success. Bruns is a quantum psychologist and business mentor who specializes in coaching ultra-successful people using methods that harness spirituality.

Bruns believes intentionally producing “highly energetic content that vibrates on a high level of consciousness” will be a deal breaker in 2023. “Work from your cosmic mission to the needs of your audience,” she says. “Your followers will sense it, even if they won’t have the words to describe it.”

Monica Kline: Embrace change

If you want to “learn what branding really is,” Monica Kline is your woman. The author, keynote speaker and founder of Identity Brand help entrepreneurs scale and monetize their business ventures by implementing DIY branding methodology.

Kline advises entrepreneurs to stay attuned to the changes that will take place on social media platforms in 2023 and adjust accordingly. “Don’t complain about platform changes, as this is a free business tool that we have not had access to in the past,” she says. “Embrace it!”

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