Why Managing My Energy Made My Life’s Big Moments Even Better

April 3, 2017

About to walk on stage, I felt my heart tightening. I was nervous, but the really excited kind of nervous.This was different from walking on stage to large crowds, which I've done plenty of times before. It was weeks of pent-up energy swelling up inside in anticipation of this moment—appearing as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. My dream of telling Ellen my story and dancing with the queen of laughter and amazing TV came true!

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But now that it was over, I felt something I hadn’t felt since playing college sports. I was exhausted. Not because actually being on the show was hard (it was great), but because I’ve spent so much time and energy preparing for this opportunity and now it was done.

I remembered how I used to handle my energy during the playoffs. I had so much energy and excitement in the days leading up to the game, I could barely stand it. But at game time, my energy was gone and I had to will myself to score and keep going. Thankfully I’ve evolved and learned to manage my energy and honor the moment.

For me, managing my energy means slowing myself down before the big event. I slow down the racing thoughts in my mind. I concentrate on and slow down my breathing. I listen to and steady my heart rate.


 If you can't be present when the time comes, then you may miss the opportunity.


So, when I appeared on stage, dancing with Ellen, I really relished in the moment and realized this was my dream coming true. If you can't be present when the time comes, then you may miss the opportunity.

I may have been exhausted from excitement, but I wasn't drained because I made myself present. I realized that managing my energy is one of the best skills I’ve been able to develop and it made this experience so much better. You can manage your energy—just slow down and be.

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